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Darksiders III – Finding The Catacombs Walkthrough

Finding The Catacombs

Go back to the Skyscraper portal, head for Maker’s Forge walking down a long tree and turn right before getting to the destroyed building which is directly opposite the Forge. You’ll see some curly streams of air next to the building corner. Switch to Storm form, jump and press Space one more time. Hold the button to make Fury levitate. This allows her to fly long distances. Besides, you can mount the objects using air streams.

So, get upstairs and kill the enemy who is able to create doubles and who will call gorilla to his aid. Try to kill the magician first. Follow the only possible route, destroy some more enemies and jump over to another building (use the Storm fly). There you’ll free one more human. You can go further and fight with the demons who will be throwing toxic balls at you. Next, you need to get over the whirlwinds. Use the Storm fly and get inside these whirlwinds to gain altitude. In that way, you’ll make it to the next office. Clear a couple more buildings with the enemies and take some useful objects. You’ll then realize that this office is in front of the building which is next to Maker’s Forge. You can come back to West End, and turn left before the building with an entrance. Now you can jump over the cliff and collect some useful objects.

Move to Blistering Bridge portal (The Hollows location) to proceed. You’ve already been there, right after you left Lord of Hollows. There is a statue with a sword in the middle of the room. Switch to Flame form and attack the sword to trigger the mechanism and open the door. Follow the only possible route, kill the skeletons — they are vulnerable to fire (but you can actually kill them with your primary weapon).

Switch back to your basic form and move forward clinging onto the crossbars. While in your Flame form, get closer to the doors using a double jump and eliminate a huge monster (you must leap to safety since it will explode after its death). Then you need to open the door: come close to it and make a double jump in your Flame form to burn that statue.

Pick up an object from the alcove — this is the Invigoration Core. It increases the number of basic ability charges by 1. Move forward until you approach a dead end in a room full of skeletons. Take them out and activate the statue on your right (in the Flame form). A wall will rise on the right, and you’ll be able to come to a lowered bridge. You need to activate two statues with the swords simultaneously in order to lift the bridge up.

Notice that there is an orange web next to the statue. It starts right from the place where you came from. Switch to Flame Form, double jump and burn the upper side of the web. Run to the far statue with a sword right away and burn it too. Both swords should start burning at the same time, and only then the bridge will be lifted up.

Cross the bridge and enter the building that has locked bars on the left and a door in the right. There is also a passage to the balcony in the front. No rush to attack the statue on your right — go to the balcony first. Then jump onto the next balcony. You can collect some loot here after switching to Storm form.

There is a wall breach inside the building. Get through it to make it to the hall with some dinner tables. Destroy all the skeletons, examine the tombs and jump down through the left wall hole. This should be done in Flame Form so you won’t get burned. Take the only possible route and you’ll find The Catacombs. You can also buy some new enhancements. Next, attack the statue sword to lift the bars up and return to the previous room.

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