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DAVE THE DIVER Guide for Bancho’s Recipes, Ranking, and Ingredients

Quick Guide to Bancho’s Menu.

Guide for Bancho’s Recipes, Ranking, and Ingredients

Slowly working on maxing all sushi and dishes, will take time to update as I progress further. Till then, these listings will give you a decent idea on what to expect.

Sushi Ranking

RankRequired Sushi

Cooksta Ranking

Rank# of Customers

Dishes (A-R)

Atlantic Anglerfish Sushi761168
Atlantic Bonito Sushi43972
Atlantic Mackerel Sushi652114
Black and White Snapper Sushi51975
Barrel Jellyfish Sushi934144
Barreleye Sushi29156
Bigeye Scab Sushi32742
Bigeye Trevally Sushi43668
Blackspot Seabream Sushi61266
Blacktip Reefshark5132135
Blood-belly Comb Jelly Sushi8155200
Blue Tang Sushi71677
Bluefin Tuna Akami Sushi8248200
Bluefin Tuna Chutoro Sushi8294201
Bluefin Tuna Ootoro Sushi5297205
Bluehead Tilefish Sushi74298
Bluespotted Stargazer Sushi38884
Box Jellyfish Sushi4104108
Cardinalfish Sushi7870
Chambered Nautilus Sushi10129220
Circularbat Batfish Fry3833
Clione Sushi10129220
Clownfish Sushi5460
Comb Jelly Sushi8139200
Comber Sushi2228
Cooked Whiteleg Shrimp Sushi9119198
Cookiecutter Shark Sushi6187162
Copper Shark Sushi6162168
Coral Trout Sushi645102
Cuttlefish Sushi968180
Devil Scorpionfish Sushi217570
Dusky Grouper Sushi655120
Emperor Angelfish Sushi21330
Fangtooth Sushi8139208
Fried Egg Jellyfish Sushi927144
Frilled Shark Sushi10314280
Giant Trevally Sushi10111250
Great Barracude Sushi1074220
Green Humphead Parrotfish Sushi535115
Grey Triggerfish Sushi53785
Harlequin Hind Sushi855144
Humboldt Squid Sushi6362210
Longfin Batfish Sushi52265
Longnose Sawshark Sushi10129290
Mackerel Scad Sushi63790
Marbled Electric Ray Sushi6125180
Marlin Sushi10314370
Mediterranean Parrotfish Sushi62584
Megamouth Shark Sushi10351300
Moray Eel Sushi495100
Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel Sushi43876
Ornate Wrasse Sushi21026
Pacific Fanfish Sushi6162144
Painted Comber Sushi53770
Peacock Squid Sushi29758
Purple Sea Urchin Sushi662162
Pyramid Butterflyfish Sushi61060
Rainbow Wrasse Sushi71691
Raw Black Tiger Shrimp Sushi9170216
Red Bream Sushi577135
Red Lionfish Sushi934180
Redtoothed Triggerfish Sushi51975
Reef Triggerfish Sushi41348
Rhinochimaeridae Sushi8279232

Dishes (S-Z)

Sailfish Sushi6227240
Salmon Snailfish Sushi411492
Sea Goldie Sushi3439
Sea Toad Sushi6137138
Seahorse Sewers10111220
Sheepshead Sushi637144
Shortfin Mako Sushi7294252
Smallspotted Dart Sushi51760
Smooth Hammerhead Sushi9312351
Spider Crab Sushi38087
Stingray Sushi770182
Striped Catfish Sushi714182
Striped Red Mullet Sushi64084
Threetooth Puffer Sushi5154125
Thresher Shark Sushi9306351
Tiger Shark Sushi10185290
Titan Triggerfish Sushi951180
Vampire Squid Sushi214968
Warty Frogfish Sushi53375
White Shrimp Sushi7148196
White Spotted Jellyfish Sushi1066180
White Trevally Sushi761133
Whitetip Reefshark Sushi874216
Yellow Tang Sushi4740
Yellowback Fusilier Sushi41348
Yellowfin Tuna Akami Sushi9248215
Yellowfin Tuna Chutoro Sushi8279198
Yellowfin Tuna Ootoro Sushi3200140
Zebra Shark Sushi5237180

Specialty Dishes

Agar Tokoroten381112
Big-Eyed Scad and Soybean Paste Roast1185114
Bluefin Tuna Rice Bowl1360130
Boiled Yellowback Fusilier495135
Seagrapes Jellyfish Sushi4427160
Seagrapes Special Sushi4380210
Seasoned Kajime495125
Stellate Puffer Special Sushi5484215
Sweet and Sour Stargazer2507155
Tropical Fish Sushi Set2487154
Trout Sea Grapes Ricebowl2227140
White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke4176152
Whole-Roasted Shark Head410090

Specialty Ingredients

Coming Soon

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Written by Caff Caff

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