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Days Gone: Best Friends Forever (For Life) Trophy Guide

Best Friends Forever (For Life) Trophy Guide

Best Friends Forever (For Life)
Gain the Allied Trust status with three different Encampments.

There are 5 Encampments in the game. You only need to reach maximum Trust with 3 of them.

These are the ways you earn trust:

  • Story Missions
  • Encampment Jobs (Side Quests)
  • Side Activities (Nero Checkpoints, Infestations, Ambush Camps)
  • Hordes (killing a horde in the region where the camp is)
  • Bounties (giving Freaker Ears to the camp)
  • Camp Kitchen (delivering plants and animal meat)
  • Survivors (sending Survivors to the camp)

The first 4 options are the most reliable. Do Story Missions, complete Encampment Jobs and Side Activities along the way. You can still do all Encampment Jobs & Activities after the story in free-roam. During the story there are two points of no return that will temporarily lock you out of certain regions, but after the story everything opens up again and you can finish remaining Encampment Jobs, Activities, Collectibles, Hordes etc.

Since Trust leads to better Weapons and Bike Upgrades it is recommended to do the Encampment Jobs and Side Activities at the first chance you get. This will bring you to Trust Level 2 with most camps, falling about 10,000 Trust short to Level 3. The remaining Trust is earned by defeating all Hordes in the region.

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Hordes will be too hard in the early game, save those until after the story! Another benefit is that they get marked on the map for you at the end of the story so you’ll save a lot of time looking for them. You’ll have to grind out lots of Hordes for the last few skill points anyway and along the way you’ll automatically get the remaining Trust.

In summary: Don’t obsess with getting to Trust 3 during the story. Just do Encampment Jobs to get to Level 2. After the story, kill all Hordes to get to Level 3.

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