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Days Gone: You’ve Got Red on You Trophy Guide

You’ve Got Red on You Trophy Guide

You’ve Got Red on You
Collect 541 Items from corpses.

This is the only trophy you’ll really want to look out for from the beginning! Items can only be collected from human corpses (not Freakers). There are far fewer humans in the game than Freakers, but luckily enough to get this by the end of the story if you always loot them. To loot a corpse walk over it and hold [Square]

You’ll encounter humans in Story Missions, Encampment Jobs, and Ambush Camps. In the open world they are rare spawns (mostly at gas stations).

It only counts actual items LOOTED. So if your inventory is full and you can’t loot anything from a body it won’t add anything to the progress. What’s great is that most humans drop multiple items and it counts all of them. So you might get 3 items from a single corpse. Always use up your crafting materials, throwables, health items when encountering large groups of humans. Then your inventory will be empty and you can gather lots of items from the corpses.

If you’re not careful with this (i.e. never loot bodies or always have full inventory) you could fall short on this. After all Missions and Ambush Camps are done it would be a very long grind to get humans to spawn in the open world.

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You can keep track of this under Storylines > Trophies > You’ve Got Red on You.

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