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DayZ: How to Configure Medical Attention Mod

This is a guide for configuring Dayz Medical Attention Mod.

Configuration is optional for server owners who want to disable specific features or modify some parameters. So this mod is simply installed on server side like any other mod by copying the @MedicalAttention folder to the root of server files.

To create a configuration copy the MedicalAttention folder provided in this mod to the server profile folder. You will find a config.txt with already predefined default settings.

Each setting meaning is described below.

DayZ: How to Configure Medical Attention Mod

Basic Settings

Tiredness = 1
1 or 0 – enable or disable tiredness

TireTime (minutes) = 210
Minutes until you get tired from fully rested.

EyeClosingPoint (percent) = 18
Percent of the rest bar when eye closing effect (or yawn) starts to show. Remember below 15% you start to have random unconscious episodes.

TextReports = 1
For those who don’t see the tiredness bar due to other mods, this setting will make server to send direct text messages to clients while they sleep with rest level status.

SleepingBagClass = MediumTent
Class name of some item that is either a sleeping bag or a small / medium tent. Such items if attached on player just like clothing will allow him to rest well without fireplace. Same if player is sleeping on top of this items like in the case of a sleeping bag or if player is sleeping inside like in tent case.

EnergizingDrinkClass = SodaCan_Cola
Class name from types.xml of the item to be energizing drink / coffee. You can put multiple lines for more items and you can use items from other mods.

EnergizingDrinkGain (percent) = 10
How much of rest to gain when you drink an energizing drink (like coffee). If you used one drink, you are allowed to use another only if you have slept at least 2 minutes, otherwise next drinks have no effect on rest level.

ZombieBleedChance (percent) = 20
Chance to get bleeding from zombie hit.

ZombieSalmonellaChance (percent) = 50
Chance to get Salmonella from zombie hit if the hit caused bleeding.

FeverActive = 1
Enable or disable fever and water loss when you have wound infection or influenza.

WoundInfectionChance (percent) = 50
Chance to get wound infection by bandaging with unclean rags.

AlcoholicDrinkClass = SodaCan_Kvass
Class name from types.xml of the item to be alcoholic drink. You can put multiple lines for more items.
You can add the optional parameter concentration like this:

AlcoholicDrinkClass = SodaCan_Kvass = 1.5
This will result in a total alcohol 330 (that’s how much a SodaCan_Kvass have) x 1.5 = 495

Biohazard and Other Zones

DeclareZone = 4 = 8289.79 = 2286.63 = 7300 = CAUTION: YOU ARE IN BIOHAZARD ZONE = YOU LEFT THE BIOHAZARD ZONE.

First parameter is zone type:

0 – Harmless (notification only)
Useful just to mark territories, players will get on-enter and on-leave messages

1 – Non-combat
If one players cause damage to the other and either victim or attacker are inside non-combat zone, then if damage type is melee, the attacker will fall unconscious immediately, if damage type is firearm, the attacker will be killed instantly.

2 – No wells
Inside such zones, wells are not working at all.

3 – No fuel station
Inside such zones, fuel stations are not working at all.

4 – Biohazard
The biohazard zone will cause 2 things to the player in the same time: to lose health and to contaminate his body with an “unknown toxin”. That toxin will cause blood vomiting with a loss of blood proportional with toxin level from the body.

Next parameters are X and Y coordinates of the zone center and radius in meters.

Last two parameters are on-enter and on-leave messages (optional)

Example with no messages:
DeclareZone = 2 = 722.0 = 10863.0 = 10500

Additional parameters for biohazard zone:

ToxinAccumulationTime (minutes) = 70
Is the time (in minutes) needed for the toxin to build up in your body from 0 to 1000. (while inside the zone only)
There is no cure, while outside the zone this toxin will die off by itself and will take a fixed time (not configurable) 60 minutes from 1000 to 0.

BiohazardDamage = 0.6
Is a multiplier for direct damage player will take while inside the zone. But total damage is also computed taking into account suit protection level. So right now this default value of 0.6 will ensure that a player with 90% protection can stay around 50 minutes inside the zone and loose health from 100 to 0 (dead).

ProtectionSuit = NBCBootsGray = 5
ProtectionSuit = NBCGlovesGray = 5
ProtectionSuit = NBCHoodGray = 15
ProtectionSuit = NBCJacketGray = 20
ProtectionSuit = NBCPantsGray = 20
ProtectionSuit = GP5GasMask = 35 = 1
ProtectionSuit = GasMask = 35 = 1

Class name of suit part and the protection level in percent. The sum of all suit parts including gas mask must be 100% obviously.

For some suit parts if you add 1 to the end it means it prevents player from eating while wearing that suit part. Used for gas masks.

Random Zones

DeclareRandomZone = 1 = 50 = 8289.79 = 2286.63 = 7300 = 7500 = YOU ENTERED = YOU LEFT.

First parameter is zone type same as fixed zones. (0, 1, 2, 3 or 4)
Second parameter is chance (in percent) to be activated at each server restart. (50% in this example)
Next two parameters (3rd and 4th) are X and Y coordinates of the zone center: (8289.79 and 2286.63)
5th and 6th parameters are the minimum and maximum radius of the zone. Also randomly generated at server restart. (In this example zone radius will be a random value between 7300 and 7500 meters)
Last parameters are optional on-enter and on-leave messages.

Written by Lucian

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