Dead by Daylight – Cheat Codes

Dead by Daylight Cheat Codes

List of the cheat codes of Dead by Daylight.

Cheat Codes

They are to be typing in the main menu of the game, a Cheat Activated message appears at the top right if you have done the right thing:

Dead by Daylight Cheats

  • EZDLC – Unlock all characters.
  • BETTERTHANPALLETLOOP – Invincibility (Survivors only).
  • IFIWEREARICHMAN – Get a million Bloodpoint.
  • NOIMMERSEDCLAUDETTE – Show the aura of other players.
  • ONLYFOURSLOTS – Unlock all perks.
  • THUGSTOOLS – Get 99 addons for each characters.
  • BOOOOOORING – Slow down the game.
  • INFINITEPURPLEFLASHLIGHTS – Keep your item when you die.
  • THEYWILLDISCONECT – Destroy all the pallets of the map.

Have fun!

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