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Dead Frontier 2 – Beastiary

We need to put together a basic guide for understanding how much health enemies in Dead Frontier 2 have, as a baseline to know which weapons operate best against them.

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The numbers I’m putting up for now are what I know are somewhat accurate, using the Ivanov, Speed Six, Mouzer and Scout. Ranked weakest to strongest.

Note: As boss fights have been rather hectic oin my end I don’t have accurate numbers, but I’ll ballpark it til other people provide their input and they are adjusted appropriately. When moving to the more difficult areas, most models have several variations, but all have the same hp/xp drops. All xp values were taken with no exp boosts.

Female – Regular: 6hp – 6xp
Male – Regular: 7hp – 9xp
Female (Fat): ~10hp – 12xp
Male (Fat): ~12hp – 14xp

Female – (Crimson/Bloody/Vomit): ~12hp – 12xp
Male – (Crimson/Bloody/Vomit): ~14hp – 15xp
Female(Fat) – (Crimson/Bloody/Vomit): ~18hp – 17xp
Male(Fat) – (Crimson/Bloody/Vomit): ~21hp – 19xp

Female – (Charred/Irradiated) – ~15hp – 17xp

Choir (Screamer/Needle Arm) – ~200hp – 500xp
Mother (Maggot Spawner) – ~200hp – 400xp
Finger Face (Creeper) – ~200hp – 500xp
Reaver (Tank/Bruiser) – ~250hp – 500xp
Tendril – ~150hp – 700xp

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