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Dead Frontier 2 – Lockpicking

What does it do? What doors does it open? What is hidden behind those closed doors? Is there special loot? or is it just the same loot as any other room?

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Those question go through my head daily since the game was launched and something just made me want to have this perk after leveling up. Yet, till now the answers aren’t really given to more than half of those questions. Have tried to find about what is behind locked doors or how the ability works… and nothing. No videos, no guides. Nothing.

So, with my limited experience I decide to give those with my same problem the answers that I found and some that are just, as they say, myths for now.


I know very little about this perk, it have only worked for me twice and on both cases it was on the same type of door. All it did was open a door that was locked with key. Yes, the keyed door that you need to find a key. Went directly to the boss room without really meaning to.

So, lockpicking we all already knew have something to do with normal doors that are “locked” but I didn’t knew the perk worked for the keyed doors too. Lockpicking seems like a good ability to have if one wants to go boss hunting and don’t want to lose too much time on those dreaded appartments. More so if the person is more of a “lone wolf” kind of player.

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Now, what is behind the normal locked doors? Very small rooms. Like, smaller than the smaller rooms. They have normal loot but most of the time superior or rare items. This is something I haven’t seen personally but a friend of mine told me so. If someone can clarify on this? Thank you.

Hope this was of use to some people or to quench their curiosity.

P.S. Anyone knows if you can only lockpick doors once you have the perk? Or the only thing the perk does is raise the %? Because if you need the perk to get the bonus from some clothing or weapons that have lockpicking bonuses… then for those that don’t have the perk will have to keep in mind when selecting which of their elite or rare weapons from the store/stash/looting is better.

Written by Betoran

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