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Dead Frontier 2 Money Guide: How to Survive the Inflation Apocalypse

A simple way to survive the ever rising costs of inflation in Dead Frontier 2. Small tips and tricks that can increase your profit margin while decreasing costs.

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Dead Frontier 2 Money Guide

DF2’s setting takes place in a post apocalyptic world where zombies run amock and civilization has all but collapsed. Without any public services, people have reverted to primal scavenging for everyday necessities.

In this context, money has become all but worthless. Things like furniture, land, gold, and silver have become worthless as well, opposed to: food, water, medicine, fuel and of course most importantly ammunition and weapons to fend off the ever expanding and mutating zombie hoardes.

Basic Economics: Why is the inflation happening?

Well to start things off, money in DF2 is technically infinte. You can get them through missions, scrapping items, and of course trading/selling items. So much money means that, as time passes, the overall amount people have of it will rise exponentially.

Without anywhere to invest the $$$ into, the supply just keeps increasing, while the actual value of it keeps declining. This means when the game started, the cost of bandages would be around $15, as opposed to now they may have inc. to as much as $50 within the span of barely 1 week.

Intentional inflation: people taking advantage of the market

There are rumors and probably some are true, that people/players are intentionally buying out all the low prices ammos, and selling them for more.

While this strategy is plausible, it’s not entirely probable unless plenty of people do this. Also you’d need vast funds to do this, and the game has only been around for 1 week, hardly enough time to get enough $$$ for a handful of people do affect the prices.

People also sell the items at much cheaper prices, so the question lies to where the tip off point is where people sell things cheaper to how people buy them and flip them for a couple of extra $$$. The problem stems deeper.

Supply and demand: simple capitalism effect

The main issue in the rise of prices is the supply and demand. Not alot of people will be willing to sell items, they may use them. I for one hoard at least 4 of each type of debuff meds and all the shotgun ammunition i can find, as well as food items.

Many people are buying but not alot are selling. If they are, theres just so much demand that the supply cannot reach the cut off threshold where they’re both equal. As people lvl up, things like ammo, fuel, and meds get used up more for traveling, missions, and the every long battles against mutated boss zombies where you can chew through about 3 full boxes of ammunition for any type of ammo if the battle gets intense.

such events lead to people consuming more and more of the items while the supply dwindles. Greed also takes a place where players realize they can turn a profit if enough people are buying no matter the price, so long as it’s slightly lower than the majority of market prices (ex: selling a box of 20 shotgun shells for 80 vs 83 dollars. It’s about the same price, but people will always want the better bargin).

How to save like a real economic survivor

While the money prices will continue to rise, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be a part of it. You are more than capable of being self-reliant with a little bit of management and self-control.

Here are some ways you can save to ensure that you don’t spend as much on items in the outposts:

  • Some stats make it so you don’t need that many items to survive: survivor, trucker, and doctor (i think they’re called) help you save on food, drinks,
  • Investing long term in items like car parts and clothing that gives you a +%hydration or -%hydration needs for example. They may cost money, but if you keep them for the long term they’ll pay for themsevles in no time
  • avoid using guns on normal and special infected zombies. Try to limit it to only dealing with hoardes of more than 6, and only when a couple rush you. Also use guns on zombies that can have AoE effects such as bacterial zombies with flies around them, or on fire burning zombies.
  • Personal fav tip of mine: try refilling your health thirst and drink bar as much as possible when looting. Every floor or so, eat or drink or heal a little bit. You’ll not only make room for items but also refill the bars to make looting go more smoothly
  • battle bosses in groups. They take the same amount of damage to kill, but each person fires off less shots than if each one individually killed it.
  • Try sticking to melee only whenever possible
  • hoarde and stockpile excess high quality items or debuff items whenever possible. As you go through the maps and inc. the difficulty (lvl 15-20 locations), debuff med items become more important and necessary, so stock pile them beforehand.
  • sticking to 1 ammo / weapon type. While it can be more expensive, it’ll be less intrusive than relying on all ammo types. You can choose certain stats and maximize damage per shot rather than using one of each type of ammo and weapon, and having to spend more on them overall.

Say “♥♥♥♥ ALL” and just ride the inflation train

Rather than being economical and self-reliant, just ride the inflation train and become a regular passenger or move up to the conductor.

  • hoarde and wait till the market prices increase. Once high enough you can sell the items you bought for a much higher price. It’s all about the waiting game
  • same but instead of buying you loot and hoarde
  • excess looting
  • while i geuniely don’t believe that this is a real thing that affects the game too much, buying out all the low prices inventory and flipping it for a higher price. You MAY lose $$$ eventually but it’s a risky strategy.
  • loot everything, even the damaged, broken, or crappy loot and scrap it all
  • combining looting and mission objectives to double output
  • making backroom deals with other players and obtaining your items cheap then flipping them for a profit
  • make a character build soley for looting and selling with the stats: -looter -mule -sprint -melee -survivor -doctor or -trucker and focus on looting rather than lvling up. Rather than sending money to your main character, send items to avoid the money penalty/tax

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