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Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Guide: Outfits


This is where the bulk of the game lies (heh). Before I go into detail about each tab, I need to go through how swimsuits work.

Not all swimsuits are created equal. Swimsuits come in 4 rarities: N, R, SR & SSR.

The SSR is Kokoro’s Venus SSR at level 1.

They are further sorted by type – Either Power, Technique, Stamina or Appeal, identified by the colour when you mouseover them.

Red for Power

Green for Tecnique

Yellow for Stamina

Purple for Appeal

I used my Japanese account to humblebrag simply because I don’t think there is an Appeal swimsuit in the Steam version yet, and for consistency.

By this point you should have realised that N, R & SR swimsuits are utterly terrible compared to a SSR swimsuit, and you’re right. If by now you are still unable to figure out the true nature of the game, give your credit card to your mom and make her swear she’ll never give it to you no matter how much you beg until you quit this game. This piece of advice is free, unlike 99% of the game.

Another tip: The default swimsuit all characters arrive in is the absolute worst swimsuit in the game. Swap it out asap, literally anything is better.

Festival Outfits is where you choose which swimsuits and accessories for each girl to wear into a match. There is absolutely no reason to use an N rarity swimsuit when an R rarity swimsuit is available, same for SR and SSR swimsuits respectively with very few exceptions.

‘Potential’ is basically passive skills you can equip on your girls. These skills are unlocked through levelling up and awakening swimsuits. The max you can equip at a time is determined by your accessories’ combined PP count.

Lastly, the option to ‘Participate wearing private outfit’ acts as a cosmetic override for your girls. The reason for its existence is pretty simple – some outfit combinations are hilarious.

However, there are times when you just want to admire the aesthetics of the game. Or if you really like the look of a certain swimsuit. This options allows you to override whatever gear you have equipped on a character with whatever they have equipped in ‘Private Outfit’, which again is just a case of a horribly misleading translation which I’ll cover in the next section under ‘Girls”.

Upgrade Swimsuit is where you level up your swimsuit using either crystals or other swimsuits and Zack Dollars. I recommend using crystals. The upper limit for SR and SSR swimsuits is level 70 and 90 respectively. You really shouldn’t be upgrading N and R rarity swimsuits with the exception for your starting girl since you’re unlikely to have any SR/SSRs at that point.

Limit Break lets you raise the level cap of your swimsuits, For reference, an SSR caps at level 50 by default, with the remaining 40 levels needing lots of materials and Zack Dollars to unlock. This is where the daily mission comes in handy. You’ll only really need this once you reach License rank ‘S’ and beyond.

Skill Awakening can be confusing, so let me explain this component very carefully. When you get duplicate swimsuits of SR and SSR quality, you can awaken them up to 4 times in this screen. Awakening a swimsuit improves its skill, and functions independently of the swimsuit level. Doing so also destroys the duplicate swimsuit.

When you have awakened a swimsuit 4 times*, you unlock a passive skill which the girl can equip in the Potential menu. This is the only way to unlock passive skills for girls apart from levelling the girls up, and the best potentials in the game are unlocked through this function.

*You will need 5 swimsuits to awaken 4 times, 1 base + 4 sacrifices.

There are also ‘Awakening Crystals’ available in the game either through events or the event store that functions as a duplicate swimsuit, which often is the only way to awaken Trend SRs.

Once you’ve fully awakened a swimsuit, any further duplicates you receive can be safely traded for tokens as they serve no other purpose. You cannot get the same potential twice, so save your Zack Dollars for something else.

Lastly, the game auto locks SR and SSR rarity swimsuits and accessories when you receive them so you can’t destroy them by accident. To unlock them for awakening/trading, you need to manually unlock them. How to do so will be explained further below.

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