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Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation Guide: Shop and Events


This is where you go when you’re out of FP.

Owner Shop is the one area I have absolutely no experience in. Go ahead if you must, the currency used for the Steam version is the SGD.

Event Shop is where you trade in event currency for rewards. Priority for unlocking event rewards goes in this order: Trend SR/Accessories > Owner xp > Awakening Stones > XL upgrade stones > anything else. Posecards generally aren’t event exclusive, so you don’t have to unlock them all at one go (good luck with that).

On that note: SSR tickets are formed by trading in 8 SSR coupons. This ticket guarantees one of the 10 Venus SSRs, although you cannot control which you get. Fragments are obtained usually through daily login bonuses, event ranking rewards and occasionally for sale at the event shop. Another reason never to buy Venus pulls.

Venus Shop is where you buy character-exclusive stuff like hairstyles in exchange for character tokens. Oh, you can also unlock girls through this screen in exchange for 1000 character tokens. For reference, you get 20 tokens per Character-specific SR swimsuit you trade in at the Trade Outfit screen. I honestly think nobody in the world has ever unlocked a girl through this method, so feel free to try for it.

Also – as an early bird bonus, you can get a free SR arm accessory for all characters you have unlocked here. Go get it, it’s going to be the best thing you have for a bit. This is available as of 28/03/2019

VIP Shop is pretty bland. VIP coins are incredibly rare coins that only serve one purpose, to buy that oversized gem to awaken your SSRs. Don’t worry, you really don’t need it for 99% of the game.

The VIP point shop is a little more helpful. There is only one thing you should ever buy here, which is the FP refill drink. The shop sells one every day, so make sure you get it.

I already know what’s your next question, and I’ll answer that in the next part.

Trade Outfit is where you trade unwanted swimsuits, accessories and awakening stones for VIP points/Character tokens.

The rates are as follows:

N swimsuits and accessories go for 1 VIP point each.
R swimsuits and accessories go for 2 VIP point each.
Character-specific SR go for 20 character tokens each. Note that each girl has their own token, so don’t get your hopes up.

Don’t worry – you’ll be drowning in unwanted stuff soon enough through the Guest Point Gacha. This is also why there is a lock function so you don’t scrap everything by mistake.

You can trade in an SSR in this screen, but I’ve never had a reason to and honestly neither should you unless you managed to get 6 of the same SSR in a row.


The only thing you really need to care about is the ‘Rewards’ option. You can see a breakdown of all score rewards here. 1 million points is a fairly reasonable target to hit even without Trend SSRs, although if you’ve just started just do what you can.

Occasionally, there are event missions which will be explained in detail on this page, Check back whenever there’s a new event.

Due to the nature of the game, I will not be able to update this guide to explain each and every event. You’re going to have to do some research on your own. You’ll be fine.

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