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Death Must Die Easy Farming Build

Quick easy farming in Death Must Die.

Death Must Die Easy Farming Build


  • you can only choose 3 gods(except fate, fate will always appear), no matter how high lv u are, my suggest is death + time + lighting, replace lighting to war is acceptable for lighting builds lack of aoe dmg.
  • alter dice > roll dice >> banish dice * 3. as we said above, if you fixed 3 gods in early level, alter dice = roll dice, if you really don’t want one god but have no alter dice, u can use 3 banish dice to avoid the god and waster 1 level.
  • every god have it’s attack & dash blessing, if u fixed your attack or dash typing, other god will not show it, so fix it asap.
  • luck is important, assume u got a novice skill, if you wanna level it to lv5 master, u will cost 4 level to make it lv 5, and then 3 extra level to upgrade it to master. it’s weird upgrade skill won’t level up. so if you met 3 novice new skills, just reroll.
  • explore map fast, u should always aiming to find more shrine, not just survival, shrine will give u tons of buffs & heal, most of them is useful.
  • forget the auto attack, unlike most of vampire survivor like game, death must die got a movement lost when you attack, it will great reduce our explore speed.

Version Update

i had tried tons of builds, like barbarian melee attack build, summoner builds, pure curse builds, one-shot builds, but sadly, none of them works very well in current version, so DMD is a potential game and still need lots of improvement, so if some build can play in the future, i will update this guide.

0.6.27 2023-11-17

shrine great empowered, make this game more easier, no heal it’s gone, but boss have more than 120% more health in star crux 30, make it hard to beat when you have no good gears.

Stalker Build

lv26 because no heal is insane…i really don’t like justice god.

Easy Farming Build

Build notice

  • we choose death + time + lighting, replace lighting with war will be better in AOE damage, but weaker in high level
  • high exp + running fast + extremely high dps is the core of the build. u can use any character try this build, because most of time we don’t use attack, so it’s doesn’t matter which character you use, also u can use this way to unlock more sign.
  • mage merris + sign of hydra(+2 project) or rogue nixi + sign of rabbit (+ luck) , skadi + sign of apprentice will be better.

Skill choose

  • Death have the best of dash skill Lifelink, the most important skills in the build get it asap, not only can heal you under 30% HP, also have extremely high dmg, just dash and you can easy kill most of elites.
  • Time is great for it’s boost exp & move speed. Gem high is the fastest way u can run in the game. Force + Gem high combo will cause great damge is u running faster than gems. it can easy beat crowd of creeps like slime.
  • Death’s Execution + Raven will boost more exp, also can enhance force’s damge & our running speed.
  • Lighting Bot(lighting) will damage several times as u running 400 distance(master), it will random kill some creeps, with Force(Time) can deal good dmg.
  • Alteration ritual(Time, lv up will grant u one random skill for a period of time) + Deadlock(Time, + skill duration) is extremely powerful in later games, u will be a great skill master ! deadlock also can empower our summons.
  • Lighting also have 2 nice support skills, + running speed and reduce skill cooldown, remember dash cooldown is not spell cooldown, our main skill not relying any spell cooldown, we only can reduce Alteration ritual skills cooldown.

Gear choose

  • projection count > exp > luck > spell damge > spell critial > dmg over xxx > evasion > dice, we don’t need any spell cooldown or spell area. spell duration is a good but i can’t find any gear have it.
  • skill rarity upgrade is a trash, as i said above, upgrade skill not level it up, in most of time, upgrade not powerful than lv it up.
  • weapon have extra attributes, the best is summon a dragon , dragon is powerful with good aoe dmg in early games.

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