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Death Must Die Ghost Matter Achievement Guide

I found getting this achievement a real pain in the butt. So I created this little guide to hopefully help others that may struggle with this achievement.

Death Must Die Ghost Matter Achievement Guide

I found getting this achievement to be really tough, so I’d recommend saving this one for last or until you’ve got some really good gear.

Just to state the obvious, this build is what worked for me, and given the randomness of this game I obviously can’t guaranteed that this will work for you. That being said, I was a bit unlucky with the timing and tier strength of certain God boons. Even so, I’d managed to get the Ghost Matter achievement without too much difficulty.


We are going to be using the Assassin Nixi. Now you might think that a ranged class like the Sorceress Merris would be the safer option. Perhaps, but Merris happens to be the character that I perform the worst with. Also my build seeks to take advantage of the Assassin’s attack speed. Speaking of attack speed, at the camp fire, be sure to equip the Sign of the Viper, which will give a 10% speed buff for every 3 levels. This is important.


For the following equipment, try to get these skills and get them as high as possible.

  • Head – Evasion, reroll, more master offers.
  • Amulet – More legend offers.
  • Relic – Evasion, alteration.
  • Torso – Evasion, alteration.
  • Belt – Evasion.
  • Jewel – More skill rarity offers.
  • Ring – More skill rarity offers.
  • Hands – Shard pull, passive XP gain.
  • Boots – Movement Speed, evasion
  • Daggers: Just find and equip a dagger that has the highest DPS you can find.

Basically try to maximise the chances of acquiring master and/or legend level boons. Failing that, maximise the chances that your boons will increase in rarity. I.E: Expert – Master. Also try to get your evasion as high as possible as this will be your third layer of defence against taking damage. I managed to get Nixi’s evasion to 270 which is 66.9% chance to evade attacks. Maybe you can do better?

God Boons

We are going to want boons from the Gods Time, Lady Justice, Winter and of course Moirai (Fate). If need be, use your alterations to try and get access to those Gods.


  • Alteration Ritual – The extra random boons will surely be of great help.
  • Vortex – Your second layer of defence against taking damage. A great way to avoid damage and it sucks enemies in a small area making them easier targets.
  • Force – Optional. Picked for increased shard pick up.
  • Gem High – Very important as this will greatly improve Nixi’s attack and movement speed.

Lady Justice:

  • Divine Shield – Your first layer of defence against taking damage. This skill is very important for this build.
  • Reprisal – Has a chance to smite/ stun enemies that try to attack you. Probably not necessary, but I had picked it just for that little extra safeguard.


  • Chilling Strike – Attacks that add chill stacks to your enemies.
  • Frost Ring – Probably the most important skill in this build which I’ll explain later.
  • Icebound – Frozen/ immobilised enemies take additional damage. Quite important for more damage output.

Moirai (Fate):

  • Fury – For extra attack speed.
  • Sprint – Make your dashes longer (optional).


How this builds works:

Thanks to the Sign of the Viper, Nixi’s attack speed will gradually get higher as you level her up. Courtesy of Gem High, the shards that you’ll collect from your vanquished enemies will further augment her attack speed which will allow Frost Ring to activate frequently. Also courtesy of Icebound, frozen enemies will take additional damage. I was a bit unlucky as I didn’t get Icebound until I had like 7 minutes left on the timer. Though the saving grace here was that when I finally did get this ability, it was at master level. If you do this right, then you should make short work of the hordes.

The Divine Shield is your main reliable safe guard against taking damage. If it does go down, then hopefully your high evasion stat, Reprisal (if you took it) and your ability to dodge will prevent damage. But obviously, you should try not to let the shield go down.

I found the Knights and homing archers at the 16 minute mark to be a real pain. In my previous attempts to get this achievement, this was the wave that usually screwed me. So make sure to really focus here. Dash/ vortex here when needed. Also, I found that when positioned properly, Nixi was able to destroy all the arrows that were following her thanks to her incredible attack speed. DO NOT underestimate this wave. After that, it should be smooth sailing.

Make sure to use the auto attack feature sparingly. I did go full auto when things got real hot. Don’t worry, she’ll be attacking so fast that any close immediate threats will be constantly getting frozen.

Like I said, this build is what worked for me. I don’t consider myself a highly skilled gamer. So if I can do it, so can you.

Written by TheQunRules

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