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Death Stranding Gathering Lost Materials

Gathering Lost Materials

One of the most simple ways to quickly get needed materials for fabrication is to simply grab up lost cargo full of materials as you find them when exploring or are already on your way to deliver an order. Just like other Lost Cargo, you need only ping your Odradek Scanner regularly to highlight these containers on the map – which are strewn about all over the world. Unlike other Lost Cargo, they technically have no owner, and can be delivered to any facility you choose.

Materials Cargo can take many shapes and forms, from small containers that can be carried on your suit, to extra large cargo that is best carried in vehicles – and for this reason it may be best to scout for materials with a Reverse Trike or Truck. You’ll often find these materials strewn about alongside other Lost Cargo, in large fields, rocky terrain, or well-traveled areas.

Though simple enough, gathering lost materials as you find them doesn’t guarantee you’ll always find the right materials you need, and you may not find them in adequate quantities – though it can still be worth it when finding clumps of materials near a facility to drop them off in.

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