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Death Stranding How to Get the “Ride” Type Reverse Trike

How to Get the “Ride” Type Reverse Trike

There is a special type of Reverse Trike that you can learn to fabricate, but it is only unlocked from finding a specific Memory Chip in the Central Region.

Journey to the large waterfall where the Cosplay Prepper is located West of South Knot City. Find a way to cross the large river below the waterfall to the west side of the bank, and look along the cliff walls for a small cave where you can find a Memory Stick.

Returning to a terminal with this Memory Stick will unlock the “Ride” type Reverse Trike, a special variant that is near impervious to damage (excluding Timefall), and displays a “Ride with Norman Reedus” advertisement along the front. As an easter egg, Sam himself will comment about the Trike when riding on it, referencing the show at random times.

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