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Death Stranding Raiding MULE Camps

Raiding MULE Camps

One of the more gusty and effective ways to amass materials quickly is to take the fight to MULEs, and clear their camps entirely to help yourselves to the spoils. This can be dangerous – especially if you aren’t experienced or don’t have many weapons, but the payoff can be very rewarding.

Each of the MULE Camps you run into generally stockpile large amounts of one or more materials, and leave them both lying around their tents, and also keep many larger containers in their postboxes. They also keep a few smaller packs on their person – which is essential for tracking, so only take them once you’re sure they won’t be woken up by friends.

Because most cargo containers at MULE Camps are large or extra large, you’ll likely want to either comandeer one of their MULE Trucks, or bring your own. An exceptionally devious tactic is to drive around the outskirts of their camp on a Reverse Trike and ram into patrolling guards, working your way to the center of their camp while making hit and run attacks to knock each of the MULEs out, while outmaneuvering their shock sticks. Once the camp has fallen, swap to a MULE Truck, park them by the postboxes, and transfer all the truck can hold and take it to where the materials are needed.

This tactic is especially useful for helping to rebuild roads using Road Pavers, as you can find a MULE camp full of Metals or Ceramics and drive the truck full of materials straight to the paver!

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