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Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands Stock Expansions Locations

Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands Stock Expansions Locations

Location of all 25 stock expansions in Deathbulge: Battle of the Bands.

In shops

There are 4 expansions you can buy in shops

  • 2 in Band Goods in Bopsted
  • 1 in the demon shop in Hoho
  • 1 in the pop up shop in Hellblivion


7 stock expansions can be found in Tonewood / Claire (including the lower part inside Claire)


  • 1 in a chest at the far right of the first screen
  • 1 in a chest at the top right of Claire’s screen

Upper Claire

  • 1 in a chest hidden behind one of Madame Bouffant’s son (the show off one)
  • 1 in a chest in the zone at the right of the bar
  • 1 in a chest in the zone at the left of the bar (that part is mostly covered, you will need to figure out how to reach the chest in the bottom right part)

Lower Claire

  • 1 in the first room. As soon as you enter there is a moving platform going up, leading to a chest
  • 1 in the second room. Exit the first room by the bottom door (not the one on the right), hug the wall going south and take the platform going down

Bass Basement

There are 4 here

  • 1 in a small room left of the 1st tent (on the actual screen where the tent is)
  • 2 in the room south of the 1st tent. The first one is directly at the right of that entrance. To get the other, go southwest past the bookshelves and search for a hole in the bottom wall, left of the tv
  • 1 in the room where the 2nd tent is, where the two cowboys are. There is a chest on the far left of the room

The Bus

There are 3 stock expansions here. They are pretty easy to get and since you need to kill all the enemies here for a quest you shouldn’t miss one

  • 1 in the corridors of the 11th floor
  • 1 in the corridors of the 14th floor
  • 1 in a room on the 14th floor. This one might be missable, since the broken door ends up hiding the suitcase partially


There are 3 here.

  • 1 in zone 1, next to the couch
  • 1 hidden in zone 4. One of the room has a cable pillar near the door, there is a chest hidden behind
  • 1 in zone 5. There are a lot of enemies in this room, and the computer to activate Tillateck’s legendary and the door leading to the Kick King nemesis, so it’s easy to miss the cardboard in the middle of the room


Two expansions here

  • 1 very hard to miss since it’s in the toilet at the entrance
  • 1 very easy to miss, in a toilet in the secret passage left of the bar. When you leave the bar, hug the opposite wall while going up, there is a passage to the left

The Dream

the two last expansions are in the dream, in the second part of it.

In this section you need to activate pillars to create 3 colored path, a teal one, a yellow one and a purple one. There is an expansion the end of the teal path, and one at the end of the yellow path. You can reset the paths if you didn’t get the right order, so they aren’t difficult to get.

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