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Deceit 10 Beginner Tips to Win as Infected

After playing this game and getting to Rank 2 (Platinum) so far on Ranked Mode on Deceit, these are all the tips that I’ve learnt about being an Infected, trying to eliminate Innocents and winning the game.

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10 Beginner Tips to Win as Infected

1. Always try to get the Antidote first without others seeing you. If they saw you, just don’t say anything. Of course, don’t revive anyone with it.

2. If a lot of people are roaming around a lot, call out missing blood bags often, and try to make an arguments between people, but be calm on the beginning.

3. If you don’t get spotted, drink bloods as much as possible and run with Knife because it’s faster. If you do get spotted, tell them to use an Inspection Kit on you in next area, and tell them to “stop framing you”, which means you’ll make confuse other members.

4. If you can’t, don’t drink blood bags. No need to be full all the time, play smooth and smart.

5. If a lot of people are arguing, blame one of them. Blaming works 99% of the time, so just say that someone drank blood next to you, make it look realistic.

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6. Always try to get the Inspection Kit with another Infected, and tell him to test you or you test him, and say he’s Innocent.

7. Optionally, use an Inspection Kit on a guy that is Innocent that everyone thinks he is Infected, so you eliminate him as fast as possible.

8. Try to always take the Leathal Injection with your team mate or with another guy that trusts you. After you take it, he will think you want to kill him, so first tell him that you both will search for some guy, and then turn back and kill the most smartest out of them alive.

9. Important, say you think it’s someone, so before drinking lots of blood bags, tell someone you want to down them for blood because you suspect in them, and to remove the suspicion on you, tell them to down you as well, which of course you won’t have any blood bags drank before that.

10. Always try to kill the guy with the Antidote first so he won’t heal other people. Don’t transform in front of players, but further from them.

Additional Tip 11: If they know its you and are waiting for you, camp little far distance from the exit door to the next area, and don’t speak in voice chat so they think you’ll die. If they can’t see you they will roam around, so you just enter when there’s like a second left, and wait at the exit, and when Blackout comes, you continue roaming around.

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Good luck, hope you win more games as Infected!

Written by Иσтσяισυs

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