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Deceit 2 How to Win Games

This is a simple guide for how to actually win games in Deceit. Danger is likely.

Deceit 2 How to Win Games

General Gameplay Loop

Contrary to popular belief, the game is not Infected vs Innocents. Instead, it is Infected vs Innocents vs You. You get the best rewards by staying alive, which means you must favor your own interests over the group. Furthermore, since there are only two infected, it can reduce to being two sides again if your teammate is cooperative.

Favoring your own interests may cause the group to try to kill you. Other times, they will leave you alone. However, you must be wary regardless. By doing the working strategy to win Deceit, you will make yourself an enemy to everyone.

To live, you must stay out of everyone’s line of sight. By being seen, people may feel an urge to kill you. They will want to kill you even more if you stay out of their sight, but if you do things properly, you should be able to negate this issue.

Infected get access to wallhacks by pressing Q. Use this to stay out of the Innocents way and activate the altars. As for when you’re Innocent, you’ll need to find good hiding spots. I can’t tell you what they are here, but I can lead you into the right direction.

Hiding Spots

A good hiding spot keeps you safe from the infected, and innocents who are unaware of your location. To find these locations, remember that you must put your Jump key and Crouch key to good use. These two functions appear quite useless in this game, but when it comes to hiding spots, these are invaluable. Some examples of what I’ve found, obfuscated when needed:

  1. The first one is accessible via crouching. The Infected can get you in here, but it’s very hard for them. In my experience, they had to jiggle their character a bit to reach this hiding spot. A decent location if you need a spot quick.
  2. The second one is accessible through a series of difficult jumps. Infected can get here if they’re using their brains, and they probably will if you stand there mocking them. Innocents can get here far easier, and will either align themselves with you or start shooting you on sight. No exceptions. If someone unknown tries to get into this hiding spot without your approval, down them on the spot.
  3. The third hiding spot is Developer-Approved, and so I can go into more detail. The Cell, which houses a prisoner and needs a button press to open, works great. It can’t save you from Innocents, but it can save you during Night. The Cell is out of everyone’s FOV, so you’ll probably survive if you stay here. However, there is an eye in the Cell, so you need an invisibility item to stay here longer.
  4. The fourth and fifth hiding spots are extremely obvious, but I’m not sure about their effectiveness against the Infected. You have to jump to these two, but anyone can easily see you once you’re there. These two are inadvisable to use as hiding spots.


So. You’ve found a hiding spot, and you’ve won some rounds using them. However, some players have sworn to kill you if they ever see you again for using them. What to do? Try these countermeasures:

  • Keep a teleporter handy so you can get there fast if the rest of the lobby has expressed a strong desire to kill you. If the lobby you’re in has a bunch of losers, they’ll think you vanished and start attacking each other.
  • You’ll need a pistol or brass knuckles to drop anyone hostile who gets too close.
  • Smoke and gas grenades can be useful if someone is sniffing too close, buying you time to escape.
  • Masks aren’t too useful in my experience. Everyone will instantly attack you for having one, and their duration is only good enough for quickly getting into your hiding spot once. With that utility you might as well use a teleporter.
  • Sanity Serum is good if you’ll be stuck in Night for a prolonged period of time.
  • Don’t be afraid to switch locations if one of your safehouses get burned.
  • If the Innocents want to kill you, use the Peddler at Night. It’s too easy for Innocents to kill you during the Day. Night is somehow more safe for those who make good use of hiding spots than Day.
  • And finally, if you get voted out despite your best efforts, claim that you’re throwing and accuse some random Innocent of being your Infected buddy. Obviously don’t do this if you’re actually Infected; only do it if you’re on the Innocent team. You’d be surprised by how easily the Innocents fall for it. If you’re lucky, you might even get an actual Infected on accident.
Written by ph0ne (greatijedi)

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