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Deceit Useful Tips (Innocent and Infected)

In this guide I will share with you some things I’ve learned from playing deceit quite a bit.

Things you should already know

  • Remember this is a game. Deceit can be very frustrating at times, so remember to take a chill pill breaks when you’re feeling salty. Look at some
  • Text chat is 99% useless. Use a mic.
  • You run the fastest with your knife out. Use this to your advantage, remember that it’ll take a second to change to a camera/pistol/etc.
  • You can crouch-jump to get on top of some surfaces. However, you’re more likely to get bugged if you’re killed and antidoted on top of youre mom a weird surface (talking from experience).
  • Never press “T” when you respawn after being downed in Terror form, remember you lose a blood slice and can’t transform back.
  • You can press “V” on the spawn animation, before the game starts to know if you’re infected, your mic will turn around red.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re innocent or infected, always try to get the antidote, or at least know who has it.
  • Terrors can only execute one player per blackout, except when they’re enraged.
  • Infected people cannot execute each other.
  • Stages change the moment lights turn on after a blackout.

Stage of the game – Fuses in area – Votes required to kick a player

  • First – 3 – 4
  • Second – 2 – 3
  • Third – 1 – 2

General tips

  • NEVER say who has the antidote (except when a player is killed, more on that later). Don’t even say you know who has the antidote. More experienced players will look for people near you and get an idea of who might have it, they might even think you have it, which can get you killed.
  • ALWAYS call out your death and location. This way the rest of the innocents can pray tell the person with the antidote to use it.
  • If somebody had the antidote and they didn’t use it, they are  always infected.Sometimes a player dies 70 meters away from the player with antidote, and they have no way of getting there in time. This is especially true in big maps (Forest, Asylum). For this reason, you call out your location when you die. So the person with the antidote can start going to where you are, during the execution animation.
  • ALWAYS do your best to be polite, especially if you’re innocent. If the innocents are calling each other, the infected are halfway there. Not just for strategy, but because of general etiquette and good manners. Calling everyone names and telling them they don’t know how to play will just ruin the experience for everyone.  Sidenote: This doesn’t mean being infected gives you the right to be rude; there’s a diference between causing confusion and being an.
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Innocent tips

  • As soon as you spawn, equip your knife to run faster and go look for that antidote. Grab any ammo and armor you find on the way. You can make stops for cameras or traps, a torch is not worth it.
  • If you don’t find it after a while and have no items, go look for some. You don’t want to be the guy with 7 bullets and a knife.
  • Take note of who knows you have the antidote.
  • If the person that knows you have the antidote follows you all the way to your hiding spot, they are almost always infected, and you must down them before the blackout and change hiding spot.
  • If you have the antidote, hide and wait for the callout of someone’s death. If time’s running out and fuses are still missing, you’re gonna have to go ahead and help.
  • Keep track of the infected’s blood supply. Knowing when an infected can transform or execute will let you choose if it is wise to run/rush fuses.
  • Look at people’s intentions. If a player is looking behind him a lot, especially near blood blags,they are probably infected.
  • Be careful with your callouts. Calling out Lisa just for looking at a blood blag can bring more suspicion on to you than her.
  • If you see someone drink blood, call it out immediately. Say your location and be ready to point at the blood bag that was drank (if someone is nearby). Don’t start shooting just yet, instead, follow him/her around and down them just before the blackout to avoid being downed yourself by your teammates out of suspicion.
  • It’s very important that you stick with the group whenever possible. Put in fuses, help fight off a terror, use the antidote, all these things will give credibility to your claims.
  • Being alone during a blackout, especially if you have no items to defend yourself, is asking to ge killed.
  • Always call out missing blood bags, your location, how long ago it was drank (if you have Detective), and who’s near you.
  • If you’re gonna look for missing blood bags around the map, try to be close to another player.Maybe you’ll get lucky and someone will drink near both of you.Then 2 innocents make the same claim and people are more likely to believe it. Sidenote: This can backlash if both of them are infected, because now you’ll look like the guilty one. The chance of this happening is 25%, so it’s up to you.
  • Practice your voice acting. As an innocent, you don’t really have to lie. You do need to sound like an innocent, though. Say you scan Hans and he’s infected, the way you say he’s infected can be the difference between him being voted out, or people thinking maybe it’s you.
  • Never place a tracker on someone that has an antidote. They’ll probably call it out and people will think you’re infected. Besides the facting that you’re dooming the player with the antidote, if he’s innocent.
  • Absolutely never give the lethal to anybody you’re not 100% sure is innocent.
  • There are only 3 ways to know someone is innocent for sure:
  • They got killed by a terror and antidoted back.
  • They got scanned by the person that was killed and revived.
  • A player was in the execution animation when a light source saved him. Only innocents can get into execution animations.
  • Don’t open the exit if you’re alone and there are still innocents alive, it’s kinda selfish.
  • Communicate which fuse you’re about to place, especially on big maps.
  • KEEP AN EYE ON THE CLOCK, always, especially on the third stage when there’s no enrage, you downright lose.
  • If you see a missing blood bag and two players were walking by, and nobody called it out. Almost all of the time they are both infected, this is a rare occurence but it can sometimes happen.
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Infected tips

  1. Never press “T” (transform into human) when you respawn after being downed in terror form, remember you lose a blood slice and can’t transform back.
  2. ALWAYS kill the player with antidote first, if you can. If fuses are placed, just kill someone and try to camp their body, or leave so people don’t know it’s you. Choose what to do according to how many players think it’s you.
  3. Identify the types of players you’re against. Are they experienced? Gotta be really careful with your drinking. Are they somewhat new to the game? You can be agressive with your drinking and maybe even blame someone.


  • Communication with your infected partner is key. Ask them if they know who has the antidote, or tell them if you know. Tell them who has cameras, where traps are, who has shotgun, where a high value target is, etc.


  • Try to get the antidote. However, if 2 or more players or an experienced player is near you when you’re getting it, you’re better off letting someone else grab it. This is because if you get it and don’t use it, whoever saw it will call it out and your cover will be blown before the second stage even starts. Instead, be near the player with the antidote before the blackout so you don’t waste time looking for him/her.
  • Frisk helps a lot to know who has the antidote, you can try and down someone before the blackout if you know they don’t have a mic or are new to the game.
  • If you need to down someone, scream shortly after you start shooting and blame it on him/her, proceed to ask him why the he was shooting at you and try to sound believable.
  • Belive your lies and think like an innocent. Nothing will make you sound more believable than thinking you’re an actual innocent being shot by an infected.
  • Follow unpredictable paths. This way you can trick players with Detective that do find recently drank blood bags.
  • You can drink a blood bag, then come back shortly after and act as if you just found it and are looking for the player that drank it. This can be very effective against more experienced players.
  • Blackouts are not complete darkness, blood bags emit some light and people still have ears. Don’t be reckless with your drinking during blackouts.
  • You can’t transform back into human form or get inside vents when you’re being flashed with a camera/torch/trap (more specifically, when your “light health” is 0). It’s very important to know this
  • You must always defend yourself verbally when somebody claims it’s you.
  • Never admit you’re infected, absolutely never.
  • Try to use your mic the same amount throughout the entire game. A player that suddenly stops talking or starts talking a lot is very suspicious.
  • Stick with a group as much as you can. Being the guy that nobody has seen since the game started is an instant disadvantage, people won’t trust you.
  • Be very aware of where the innocents are, especially during 3 moments:
  • When you’re looking to drink blood.
  • At the beginning of each stage, when people are grabbing items. So you know who has what.
  • Just before the blackout, so you know who’s where.
  • Never vote out your infected partner. So many people do this and it’s so painful. Give an excuse like “I don’t know guys I think it’s actually Lisa, she’s blaming everyone and she’s really agressive”, and if people don’t react to that and keep shooting your partner, just pick them up and run. Putting yourself in a 1v4 is way worse than the innocents “knowing” who the infected are.
  • Truly act like an innocent being attacked, test your ground.
  • So, what do you do if your cover has been blown and you can’t make the innocents doubt that it’s you? You hide like a madman and hope you get lucky enough to know who has the antidote, or better yet, have it yourself or destroy it. Don’t forget to get full as soon as you can so you can take advantage of Fully Alert.
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