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Deep Rock Galactic: Flamethrower Builds

Flamethrower Builds

Flamethrower: Sticky Flame Build
This build is all about laying down walls of fire to apply a DoT to enemies. Great for crowd control.

  1. The extra clip size allows for more firewalls before you have to reload. Taking longer reach can be an option, but firerate just uses up extra ammo for this build.
  2. Longer sticky flames is the only option to buff the sticky flames.
  3. The slowdown is simply amazing, great crowd control.
  4. Quicker firewall ignition is a critical mod for this build, allowing you to apply DoT to all enemies quickly.
  5. Scare on the firewall is alright for salvage, but can split up enemies making AoE less useful. Radiance isn’t great but is the only other option for sticky flames.

Flamethrower: Direct Build
This new build is about melting enemies quickly or applying ignition to hordes, great for clearing warriors and swarmers.

  1. Extra clip size is critical to keeping that fire spewing out.
  2. Taking damage here will increase your dps significantly helping you to melt in a more focused area. Taking ingition allows you to apply DoT with ease and melt entire waves over time.
  3. More ammo to help with the sustainability
  4. More ammo to help with the sustainability
  5. Targets explode for an extra burst of AoE every so often, isn’t reliable however.

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