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Deep Rock Galactic: Gunner Builds

Gunner Builds

The gunner has a gun, and he uses that gun to great effect. While he may not have as much burst damage as the other classes, the sustained fire he puts out is vital for any long term engagement with the glyphids. If things go badly, he can deploy a shield to save teammates, revive allies or grab resupplies.


  • The minigun spews bullets, so many that you’ll almost feel sorry for the glyphid staring down it’s barrel. Almost.
  • The autocannon isn’t as fast as the minigun, but that’s because each shot does serious damage to any enemy caught in it’s wake, and the enemies nearby.
  • The bulldog is a one shot wonder, popping heads of warriors and bellies of macteras with ease.
  • The BRT is a burst pistol, with a large amount of burst damage making it very useful at taking out key targets.


  • The long reaching ziplines of the gunner are useful for moving the entire team across large gaps, or moving gems from the deposit to the minehead.
  • The shield can save an entire team with ease, plonk one down and enjoy your immortality for a few seconds. This can server especially useful for salvage missions.
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Minigun Builds

Minigun: All Round Build
This build is useful for XYZ.

  1. Faster gyro-stabilisation to reduce bullets wasted.
  2. Increased damage to improve DPS.
  3. Armour break for more effect against praetorians, blowthrough for hordes of enemies or stun to crowd control.
  4. Increased damage when fully stabilised, combines with faster gyro-stabilisation.
  5. Cold as the grave allows for extended firing, other two are gimmicks.

Autocannon Builds

Autocannon: All Round Build
This build is useful for every situation, allowing the gunner to lay down some serious firepower no matter the enemies he faces.

  1. Ammo for insane sustain. Although often you won’t need extra ammo, so damage can be a great choice.
  2. Accuracy to allow the autocannon to hit weakspots, and have more effective range.
  3. Firerate to increase DPS and allow the minigun to reach max firerate faster.
  4. Stun to crowd control enemies, although armour break can be useful against praetorians.
  5. Increased damage at max firerate, increased DPS again.

Autocannon: DPS Build
This build is useful for destroying everything. It will burn through ammo like it burns through bugs.

  1. More damage, for a good start for increased DPS.
  2. Increased firerate, helps the autocannon reach max firerate and increases DPS again.
  3. Increased firerate again, helps autocannon reach max firerate even quicker and further increased the DPS.
  4. Stun to crowd control enemies, armour break for stripping praetorians.
  5. More damage, to yet again increase DPS for complete overkill.
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Bulldog Builds

Bulldog: One shot wonder
This build is useful for taking out warriors and macteras with a single tap.

  1. Increased accuracy to make it easier to hit the weakspots.
  2. More ammo for better sustain.
  3. Blowthrough rounds to give a bit of horde clear, or stun to crowd control praetorians and goo bombers.
  4. Hollow point for a huge damage increase against weakspots.
  5. Mactera coating to give the bulldog the ability to one-shot mactera.

BRT Builds

BRT: All Round Builds
This build is useful for giving the gunner a useful secondary with a large amount of burst damage.

  1. Damage to increase burst.
  2. Less recoil, to reduce the insane tilt of the gun when firing.
  3. Even more damage for even more burst.
  4. Ammo for more sustain, hollow point for insane burst damage that can melt praetorians.
  5. Extra damage on burst, for even more DPS.
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