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Deep Rock Galactic: M1000 Builds

M1000 Builds

M1000: Focus Build
This build is useful for getting awesome headshots against warriors and doing large damage to praetorians and goo bombers. Gives scout a long range alternative to the GK2.

  1. Extra ammo to increase the limited shot capacity.
  2. Quicker focus, to allow for a massive increase in focused shot firerate.
  3. Increased focus damage, to meet damage thresholds for one -shotting warriors.
  4. Blowthrough rounds to allow for expanded horde clear.
  5. Stagger on shoot to pin praetorians in place.

M1000: Hipfire Build
This build is useful for kiting and quickly popping off glyphid heads. While weaker than the focused build, the extra mobility can come in handy.

  1. Damage needed to reach damage threshold.
  2. Extra clip size to reduce time spent reloading.
  3. More damage to reach damage threshold for one-shotting warriors.
  4. Blowthrough to give some horde clear.
  5. Fear to crowd control enemies, or stun to take down praetorians with ease.

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