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Deep Rock Galactic: Scout Builds

Scout Builds

The scout is a fast moving class, which can help any team get the job done quickly. Reaching high-up minerals, lighting up rooms and well scouting, any operation can become easy with this class. Not to mention, packing the ever useful IFG which slows down and eventually weakens all enemies caught inside it’s field.


  • The GK2 may seem bog standard, and it is, but what it lacks in style makes up for in performance. Being able to run and gun, picking off long ranged targets and output a constant stream of bullets makes this weapon versatile.
  • The M1000 is the highest damage weapon the scout has, and it can put a hole clean through 10 warriors with ease. By holding down the trigger, it can zoom in and take out long range targets with a satisfying sound.
  • The boomstick is a classic shotgun. Bang, bang and there goes two warriors or a praetorian.
  • The zhukovs will make swiss cheese of any enemies, big or small due to the amount of bullets it spews out.


  • Scout’s infamous grappling hook allows him to get anywhere, or escape danger. From mining minerals to escaping exploders this tool is amazing.
  • Possibly one of the most underrated tools in the game, the flare gun can save a team from being a cave leech’s snack.

GK2 Builds

GK2: All Rounder Build
This build is useful for all situations, giving scout a versatile weapon with amazing kiting ability.

  1. Damage to help with swarmer threshold.
  2. More damage to reach swarmer threshold.
  3. Accuracy to help shoot those weakspots.
  4. Hollowpoint to help increase damage against weakspots. Armour break can be taken instead if your team has no armour break.
  5. Battle frenzy is amazing for increasing kiting ability, allowing you move and shoot with ease. Battle cool can allow for longer range sniping, and easier shooting of weakspots.

M1000 Builds

M1000: Focus Build
This build is useful for getting awesome headshots against warriors and doing large damage to praetorians and goo bombers. Gives scout a long range alternative to the GK2.

  1. Extra ammo to increase the limited shot capacity.
  2. Quicker focus, to allow for a massive increase in focused shot firerate.
  3. Increased focus damage, to meet damage thresholds for one -shotting warriors.
  4. Blowthrough rounds to allow for expanded horde clear.
  5. Stagger on shoot to pin praetorians in place.

M1000: Hipfire Build
This build is useful for kiting and quickly popping off glyphid heads. While weaker than the focused build, the extra mobility can come in handy.

  1. Damage needed to reach damage threshold.
  2. Extra clip size to reduce time spent reloading.
  3. More damage to reach damage threshold for one-shotting warriors.
  4. Blowthrough to give some horde clear.
  5. Fear to crowd control enemies, or stun to take down praetorians with ease.

Boomstick Builds

Boomstick: All Round Build
This build is useful for giving the scout a secondary that has plenty of shells, and can still provide some quick burst damage against praetorians.

  1. More ammo to give the scout some well needed boosts to ammo economy.
  2. Quickfire ejector to reduce time spent reloading.
  3. Even more ammo for increased ammo economy.
  4. Blowthrough rounds to give a slight increase to horde clear.
  5. Fire rounds to finish off enemies, fear for additional crowd control.

Zhukov Builds

Zhukovs: Horde Clear Build
This build is useful for tearing through hordes of warriors, while still being a useful burst damage weapon against large targets.

  1. Extra damage to increase DPS.
  2. Blowthrough to allow for the weapon to tear through hordes.
  3. Even more damage to increase DPS.
  4. More ammo to allow for better sustain.
  5. Damage bonus in electrical fields is amazing, useful for taking out waves of enemies or praetorians trapped inside an IFG’s field.

Zhukovs: High Damage Build
This build is useful for taking out important targets in a blink of an eye. In a pinch can be used to pick off warriors.

  1. Damage to increase burst potential.
  2. Accuracy to allow easier shooting of weakspots.
  3. Damage to further increase burst potential.
  4. Hollow points to increase damage by a huge margin when shooting weakspots.
  5. Even more damage bonuses when inside electric fields resulting in a weapon that can tear through anything with ease.

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