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Deep Rock Galactic: SMG Builds

SMG Builds

SMG: Damage Build
This is useful for tearing through enemies like butter by stacking various damage bonuses.

  1. More damage to stack with damage bonuses.
  2. Extra accuracy helps with the massive recoil of the SMG.
  3. More damage to stack with damage bonuses.
  4. Hollow point to boost damage against weakpoints for massive effect.
  5. Electric bonus damage doubles your damage against shocked enemies, stacks with damageĀ upgrades and hollow point for massive damage results.

SMG: Electric Build
This build is useful for crowd control, and is a bunch of fun. Less effective than a straight damage build however.

  1. Additional shock chance to get the ball rolling.
  2. Increased accuracy to help with the recoil of the gun.
  3. More damage, the extra firerate wastes ammo.
  4. More electric damage, to increase the DoT.
  5. Adds a chance to shock all nearby enemies, amazing when it triggers. Combines with other electricĀ upgrades for increased chance and more damage.

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