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Deep Rock Galactic: Subata Builds

Subata Builds

Subata: All Rounder Build
This build focuses on giving the player a sound arm that works well in all scenarios.

  1. Increased accuracy gives the driller more range, and allows you to hit critical zones easier and make use of the bonus damage the subata provides.
  2. More damage that stacks with critical zones and the bonus of the subata.
  3. More ammo to provide more sustain for the weapon.
  4. The flat damage increase is better, the two mods works out to be similar in damage when shooting a critical zone, but when not shooting a critical zone the damage is a major improvement.
  5. The bonus against flaming targets stacks with the critical zone modifier, the bonus damage against critical zones of the subata and the damage mods. Take it if you have the flamethrower, if using cyrocannon take the mactera bonus instead.

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