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Deep Rock Galactic: Zhukov Builds

Zhukov Builds

Zhukovs: Horde Clear Build
This build is useful for tearing through hordes of warriors, while still being a useful burst damage weapon against large targets.

  1. Extra damage to increase DPS.
  2. Blowthrough to allow for the weapon to tear through hordes.
  3. Even more damage to increase DPS.
  4. More ammo to allow for better sustain.
  5. Damage bonus in electrical fields is amazing, useful for taking out waves of enemies or praetorians trapped inside an IFG’s field.

Zhukovs: High Damage Build
This build is useful for taking out important targets in a blink of an eye. In a pinch can be used to pick off warriors.

  1. Damage to increase burst potential.
  2. Accuracy to allow easier shooting of weakspots.
  3. Damage to further increase burst potential.
  4. Hollow points to increase damage by a huge margin when shooting weakspots.
  5. Even more damage bonuses when inside electric fields resulting in a weapon that can tear through anything with ease.

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