Deep Space Waifu: Fantasy – How to Enable 18+ Content (Nude Patch)

This guide will show you how to make Deep Space Waifu: Fantasy uncensored.

How to Enable 18+ Nude Patch

Step #1: Go to Steam library and right click Deep Space Waifu: Fantasy.

Step #2: Click properties and navigate to local files, click browse local files

Step #3: You should be in:

Steam/steamapps/common/Deep Space Waifu Fantasy/

Click on the folder named “Deep Space Waifu Fantasy_Data”

Step #4: Right click and create a txt file, name it “nude.patch”

Step #5: Start the game and enjoy.


Heres a screenshot if you are stuck and can’t figure it out. I have clicked on the txt folder I made to highlight it and make it stand out.

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