Defiance 2050 Cheats & Console Commands

Defiance 2050 Console Commands

Join your friends and become an Ark Hunter in a massive cooperative online shooter like no other. Choose from an array of fully customizable weapons and classes, explore a unique futuristic open world, and engage in epic fast-paced third-person shooter combat.

Note: Console players can also use these chat commands by doing the following.

  1. Press Left on the Dpad of your controller.
  2. Press “X” or “A” to pull up the keyboard.
  3. Type in any necessary chat commands.

Defiance 2050 Console Commands


  • /?, /h, /help – List out available slash commands
  • /played – Provides amount of time played
  • /time – Provides server as well as local time
  • /area [Message] – Send text to the general channel
  • /exit, /quit – Quits the game
  • /logout – Logs out
  • /inspect [Player] – Inspects the player
  • /trade [Player] – Initiates trade with named player
  • /dance – Performs the dance emote
  • /cheer – Performs the cheer emote
  • /taunt – Performs the taunt emote
  • /greet – Performs the greet emote
  • /report [Player] – Reports player as a spammer and mutes them

Group Commands

  • /i, /inv, /invite [Player] – Invites player to your party/group
  • /leavegroup, /leaveparty – Leave group
  • /kick, /u, /un, /uninvite [Player] – Removes player from your group if you are the group leader
  • /pr, /promote [Player] – Makes the player group leader if you are the current group leader


  • /group [Message] – Send text to the group channel
  • /team [Message] – Send text to the team channel
  • /clan [Message] – Send text to the clan channel
  • /send, /t, /tell, /w, /whisper [Player] [Message] – Send private message to [Player]. No other players will see this message
  • /reply, /r [Message] – Reply to the last whisper


  • /claninvite, /ginvite, /guildinvite – Invites the player to your clan
  • /clanleader, /gleader, /guildleader [Player] – Makes player the clan leader if you are the current clan leader
  • /clanquit, /clanleave, /gquit, /guildquit – Leaves your current clan
  • /clanmotd, /gmotd, /guildmotd [Message] – Change the clan message of the day to [Message]. You must be an officer to use this command
  • /clanpromote, /gpromote, /guildpromote [Player] – Promotes player or your current target
  • /clandemote, /gdemote, /guilddemote [Player] – Demotes the player or your current target
  • /clanremove, /gremove, /guildremove, /clankick [Player] – Removes the player from your current clan. You must be an officer to use this command

Friending / Ignoring

  • /friend [Player] – Initiates friend request with player
  • /removefriend [Player] – Removes player from your friends list
  • /ignore, /mute [Player] – Ignores player
  • /unignore, /unmute [Player] – Removes the player from your ignore list

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