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Deiland Full Walkthrough

A walkthrough of the whole game from start to finish with all the quests!

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Prince’s Quests

1. Collect two berries from the bushes near the lake.
Collect 2 berries from the bushes near the lake.

2. Use the hoe to plant 2 pine nuts in a place near water.
Go plant 2 pine nuts near the lake.

3. Light Torch in camp fire.
Make a torch in the tent. Light the torch in a camp fire.

4. Improve your tent by building a house with a workshop.
Gather the resources needed to upgrade your house with a workshop. 20 wood and 10 stone.

5. Improve the wooden cabin by adding a kitchen.
Gather the resources needed to upgrade your house with a kitchen. 30 wood, 50 stone and 5 metal.

6. Extend the house with a laboratory.
Gather the resources needed to upgrade your house with a laboratory. 50 wood, 100 stone and 30 metal.

7. Completed!

Mun’s Quests

1. Why don’t you make a hoe to cultivate the soil, then talk to Mun again.
Go to the tent and create your new hoe, then talk to Mun.

2. Plant a field of carrots with the hoe.
Plant the carrots with the hoe at 1 of the 3 fields by your tent. Then talk to Mun to start the next quest.

3. Make a Hammer.
Make a hammer at the tent. Then talk to Mun to start the next quest.

4. Make an ax to cut down trees.
Make an ax at the tent after collecting the stone near the tent.

5. Build a campfire.
Use the ax to gather wood and the hammer to gather stone to make a campfire near the tent.

6. Light the campfire.
Use 2 wood to light the campfire.

7. Take Mun to investigate a construction on the hill.
Walk Mun over to the Alter. Fight the 3 monsters that attack.

8. Make sure the sensor is kept on so you have a valid readings of state of the planet.
When the battery starts getting low ‘use’ the crank on the sensor.

9. Get a bat wing for Mun to analyze.
Kill a flying bat monster and loot it.

10. Prepare 2 sandwiches for the adventure on Ankora.
Make two sandwiches at the kitchen using resources from the garden. You will get cabbage from Meteors to plant around the time this quest starts or buy cabbage from Brram and you can also buy cheese from Brram. 1 Bread, 2 Cabbage and 1 Cheese for each sandwich. During this time Mun gives you a badge that you can call her back to your planet at any time. except when there is another visitor

11. Get 3 metal sheets for Mun.
Give 3 Metal to Mun.

12. Cook a pizza with Mun’s recipe for the chef Brram.
To activate this quest you have to have Brram at your planet and then Mun will appear to land as well, you have to make her land before he leaves the planet! Then create the pizza using the recipe and give it to Brram. The Tomatoes can be purchased from Hute. 3 Wheat, 2 Tomato and 2 Mushroom.

13. Talk to Yuki about the thefts Mun is investigating.
Talk to Yuki.

14. Build a pier on the lake on Deiland.
Build a pier on the lake. 30 Wood and 4 Rope.

15. Make Jelly in the Laboratory.
This quest can only appear when Lily is on your planet and Mun comes to visit at the same time. Make Jelly in the Laboratory. 2 Cherry, 2 Blueberry and 1 Healing Potion.

16. Get ready for a big challenge and board Mun’s ship.
Get on the ship and take it into the mother ship where you fight lots of monsters and the boss!

17. Find Mun.
Follow the linear path killing monsters along the way to help Mun. When fighting the Prince use Mun to shoot and stun him and then use your weapons to attack. Repeat and kill.

18. Completed!

Locke’s Quests

1. Trade with magician Locke.
Trade anything with Locke (I sold 1 stone).

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2. Make some fabric for the magician Locke.
Plant the cotton. Make 2 wells near the fields to be able to access them and grow 3 cotton at a time to speed up the process.

3. Get 3 limucus for the lime alcohol recipe.
You can get the limucus (slime) from the slime monsters that appear randomly.

4. Harvest a giant pumpkin for Locke. Plant the seeds at night and make the moon shine on them.
You have to plant the pumpkin at night and make sure there is a moon visible. Once the moon is visible and you’ve planted the pumpkin you have to move the camera so that the pumpkin icon above the field matches up with the moon and it will sparkle and change icons. That is how you get giant pumpkins!

5. Make a magic staff to test your powers.
Use the house to make a staff. 2 Wood, 2 Metal and 5 Crystals.

6. Get 3 daisy seeds and 2 insect wings to trade for the Prince’s story.
You can purchase Daisy Seeds from Hute or get them from monster drops and the insect wings are monster drops.

7. Make as many health potions as you can to heal Mioh’s wounds.
Use the laboratory in the house to create 4 Healing Potions. 5 Blueberry, 5 Watermelon and 1 Glass Bottle x4.

8. Make 3 bottles of oil for Brram.
This quest only appears when Brram is already visiting and Locke visots a few moments later. Make sure they both are visiting or you can’t pick up quest. Make 3 bottles of oil for Brram.

9. Defeat all the poisonous mushrooms.
Kill all monsters.

10. Get a frog for Locke to test his youth potion on.
Turn a monster into a frog and return it to Locke. You can get the Frog spell later on from Lily after learning her spell.

11. Get the ingredients for an explosive potion.
Gather the resources. The Horn is a monster drop from a horny looking PacMan. You do not have to upgrade your alter at all to get this spawn. 3 Toadstool, 3 Horn and 1 Vase.

12. Completed!

Brram Quests

1. Make a fishing rod and catch a fish from the lake for Brram.
Make a fishing rod at the tent. Then catch a fish at the lake.

2. Build 5 fences and go back to talk to Brram again.
Make 5 fences near the fields.

3. Cultivate fields of corn and take six cobs of corn to Brram.
Using the 1 corn seed that Brram gives you just keep planting it after harvesting.

4. Get these ingredients: 3 limicus and 2 insect wings.
Gather resources to create new dish, Jello.

5. Cook some pancakes to surprise Mun.
Use the kitchen to create pancakes for Mun, you can buy milk from Brram. 2 Blueberry, 3 Wheat and 2 Milk.

6. Get an egg for Brram.
Feed one of the chickens on your planet until it turns into an egg.

7. Get a mushroom from Ankora for Brram.
Gather 3 Ank Mushrooms from Ankora.

8. Kill all the bees.
Kill all the monsters.

9. Get 5 crab legs for Brram.
Kill crab monsters to get 5 Crab Leg drops.

10. Get 8 cabbages for Brram.
Plant cabbages until you have 8 of them.

11. Cook a Stellar Gourmet dish for Goliath.
Cook the Groumet Dish in the Kitchen. Talk to Goliath.

12. Get Guliver Potion for Brram.
Make Guliver Potion in the Laboratory for Brram.

13. Completed!

Event Quests

1. A pirate ship will appear after you’ve created the wand and it will start shooting at you, be careful because it will destroy crops and any plants you are standing near. Pull out your wand, aim at the ship with the camera and use Magic! This is how Goliath appears in your quest log and becomes your frienemy.

2. Goliath arrives and at the top of the screen there is an icon with a blue furry alien! This is Bom, the most insanely cute cat girl’s (Yuki) pet alien, that tries to steal your food! From now on when she has arrived you must always angle the visitors to your planet towards your house while you are in between the visitor’s ship and the house so you can catch Bom otherwise she WILL take your food!

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3. Plant the Mystery Seed that you received from a meteorite and wait for it to grow. A few moments later Lily will appear!

4. After adding the Laboratory onto the house you gain Mine recipe. Create the mine on the on the x on the side of a rock. Make a Fireplace on the outside of the Mine and bring a torch inside every time to light the torch inside so you can mine. Towards the back of the Mine there are rocks that can be pulled away. When you pull away 4 of them the Mine Cart will be full and you’ll have to wait for Goliath to land so he can remove the rocks in the mine cart and then you can continue pulling away the rock 4 at a time. You can not enter the Mine while it is Raining and Lightening.

5. When Goliath accuses Yuki of stealing from him you have to fight him off. When you are done beating him and they both disappear, the next time Yuki appears she gives you a Pirates Chest which can be opened by a key that is sold by Nidawi for 1,100c.

Goliath Quests

1. Cook a plate of Boletus Dei for Goliath.
Use resources at the kitchen to create the yummy dish. 2 Toadstool, 1 Mushroom and 1 Fungi. The mushrooms are found throughout the planet randomly.

2. Get 30 wooden stumps for Goliath.
Plant trees and chop them down once they have matured. Make sure to get enough seeds for planting trees later.

3. Get 3 larvae/larvas for Goliath.
The Larvae can be dropped by monsters or purchased from Brram and Umi.

4. Sell Crystal to Goliath.
Give one Crystal to Goliath. (make sure not to sell it to him in the barter system because that is not how to complete the quest) The next time he visits your planet he will attack you for selling him the crystal.

5. Build a fireplace over the buried treasure and keep it lit until Goliath returns.
Find the small pile near the lake and place a fireplace over it.

6. Ask Locke about a pirate song.
Talk to Locke then talk to Goliath.

7. Get 2 roast chickens for Goliath.
Light a torch and chase some chickens.

8. Cook the chicken drumstick dish for Goliath.
Make the Chicken Drumstick in the Kitchen.

9. Buy the pages of the story “THE PRINCE”.
Buy the pages from Goliath’s barter for 1,000c.

10. Completed!

Umi Quests

1. Talk to Umi.
Talk to Umi in the tent near where you land in Ankora.

2. Visit the Ice Temple to talk to Nidawi.
Go to the Ice temple on the opposite side of Ankora and talk to Nidawi.

3. Build a barn for the sheep.
Return to Deiland and build a barn. 30 Wood and 5 Metal.

4. Take 10 pieces of silver ore to Umi to learn how to smelt it into silver bullion.
Take 10 Silver Ore to Umi. Silver Ore can be mined from stone.

5. Take 15 wooden stumps to Hute.
Bring 15 Wood to Hute.

6. Make an Ank blacksmith’s hammer.
Return to your home and forge your hammer to max! 3 Silver and 2 Wood.

7. Take 5 Ank berries to wise Nidawi.
Take the 5 Ank Berries to Nidawi at the temple.

8. Retrieve the sheep Lana which was stolen by Goliath and return it to Umi’s camp.
Return to your planet and wait for Goliath to come and beat him up!

9. Go back to talk to Umi to make sure Goliath returned the sheep.
Return to Ankora to talk to Umi.

10. Get 4 yellow flowers for Umi.
Plant Chrysanthemum seeds in the Flower Pots. You can buy the seeds from Hute.

11. Tell Umi he has a date with Hute!
Talk to Umi.

12. Prepare sushi for the reconciliation dinner for Hute and Umi.
Make Sushi in the Kitchen. You can buy the Algae from Umi and the Rice from Brram.

13. Completed!

Hute Quests

1. Get the ingredients for Ank stew.
Gather the ingredients for the stew. Meat can be purchased from Umi as well as dropped by monsters as well as Bat wings. 2 Meat and 3 Bat wings.

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2. Take an eggplant offering to wise Nidawi in the Temple of Ice.
Use the Eggplants that Hute gave you and talk to Nidawi at the temple.

3. Talk to Umi about the food supplies for Hute.
Talk to Umi and get the supplies for Hute.

4. Take the food Umi gave you to Hute.
Talk to Hute.

5. Make an Ank agricultural hoe.
Return to your home and forge your hoe to max! 2 Silver and 2 Wood.

6. Plant Ank fruit in Deiland.
Plant the Poplar on your planet.

7. Get 2 balls of wool for Hute.
Buy 2 Wool from Umi. Talk to Hute.

8. Completed!

Nidawi Quests

1. Return to Deiland with Mun.
Return to Mun’s ship and fly back to Deiland.

2. Take a diamond as an offering to the Temple of Ice.
Buy a diamond from Goliath for 400c. A quick way to make money from Goliath is to mine stone and sell it to Goliath for 2c each!

3. Defeat 3 ice creatures.
Kill 3 ice monsters in Ankora. The Snowmen and Ice Lizards count.

4. Gather the ingredients to make the healing potion for Nidawi.
You can buy Dandelion Seeds from Locke. 3 Ice, 2 Dandelion and 1 Glass Bottle.

5. Catch 2 different types of fish and take them to the temple of Ice.
You can catch the Salmon after building the Pier for Mun.

6. Get some invisibility potion for wise Nidawi.
Make the Invisibility Potion in the Laboratory. Talk to Nidawi.

7. Take Crystal from Deiland to Nidawi.
Return to Deiland and make Rock Crystal in the Workshop. Talk to Nidawi.

8. Make a magic staff of ice.
Upgrade Staff.

9. Completed!

Yuki Bom Quests

1. Make a lollipop for Yuki.
Make a lollipop in the kitchen. 5 Blueberry and 1 Milk.

2. Make a silver pendant for Yuki.
Make a silver pendant for Yuki in the workshop. You can create silver after you create a barn for Umi and later bring him 10 Silver Ore.

3. Make jello for Yuki.
Make jello in kitchen and give it to Yuki.

4. Make invisibility potion for Yuki.
Make Invisibility Potion in the Laboratory, Salmon can be fished out of the lake after you build the Pier for Mun. 10 Carrot, 2 Salmon and 1 Alcohol.

5. Cook some candy for Yuki using Brram’s secret recipe.
Cook the Candy using the Kitchen.

6. Offer Yuki a cake in exchange for secret information on the Interstellar Patrol.
Make a cake for Yuki.

7. Get an antidote for Yuki who is sick.
You can buy an Antidote from Lily.

8. Completed!

Lily Quests

1. Plant 5 cherry trees and talk to Lily again.
Plant the Cherry Seeds that Lily gave you. Call her back if she flew away by “Push”ing the plant that grew from the Mystery Seed.

2. Get the ingredients and squeeze a fruit juice for Lily.
Use the Laboratory and make a Juice. 3 Ank Berry, 3 Blueberry and 2 Cherry.

3. Make a pot to plant seeds.
Make a pot in the Workshop at the house. 10 Stone.

4. Use the pot and plant the bluetear seed, Compost can be made in the Workshop. Compost requires Thorn which is a monster drop. 1 Vase and 1 Compost.

5. Defeat the carnivorous plants.
Kill all the monsters.

6. Say a prayer of protection.
Use the Alter to make a Prayer of Protection. You can purchase Candles from Locke. 1 Candle, 3 Bluetear and 5 Crystal.

7. Get the ingredients of the antidote and talk to Lily.
Gather resources. Poisonous Liquid is a monster drop. 2 Poisonous Liquid, 5 Acorn and 1 Alcohol.

8. Make the magic staff of Life (Level 3) and talk to Lily again.
After getting the Staff of Ice you can call Lily and she will ask you to upgrade your staff to the max! As well as teach you the Spell of Life. That turns monsters into frogs.

9. Turn 3 monsters into frogs and take them to Lily.
Lower the health of a monster and then use the Life Spell to turn them into frogs. The easiest place to do this is at Ankora.

10. Completed!

Meteorite Drops

1. Sunflower

2. Acorn

3. Watermelon

4. Mystery Seed

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  1. After the credits rolled. Reentered the game to finish quests. Pirates showed and Yuki came along. She says she’s tired of running around or something like that, decides she wants to live on deiland. Then has three more food requests. After third she’s bored. Poof. And now I have her blue squirrel friend following me alone on planet. He randomly runs around on his own. Super cute. Excellent general guide. Hope thorns come from a plant in future. Since I did the prayer at the alter, I rarely get monster spawns.


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