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Deluded Mind 100% Achievements Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!


The developers implemented a total of eleven achievements. Four of them are story related and seven are missable.

This Guide contains dramatical spoilers which are mostly not marked.


My first key!
Find the first key.

Home Sweet Home
Enter your apartment.

Crack the decryption key.

True Gamer
Finish the game.

Missable Achievements

Luke Bridgewalker
Reach the end of the bridge.

Are you still awake?
Wait 30 seconds until you answer a call.

The Cleaner
Flush the toilet.
Enter the bathroom and click on the toilet flush in the third iteration of the house.

Man of Honor / Lady of Honor
Watch the credit roll.

My first note! and Collector

My first note!
Find the first collectable note.

Collect all documents and notes.


You have to find 19 Notes during one playthrough:

  • Hello Agent Catrall πŸ™‚
  • Medication chart
  • ‘I shall not lie’
  • Drawings
  • TETOS – side effects
  • TETOS Project
  • Patient Caleb More (2007/0156)
  • Retinal Scanner
  • Patient Eric Ranger (2009/0089)
  • Labor X12
  • Convocation of a press conference
  • Enrolment Confirmation
  • A Symbol
  • Threatening Letter
  • Closure of the facility
  • Drugs
  • Clearance Certificate
  • Diana Catrall
  • ”Note to self’

Hello Agent Catrall πŸ™‚

Location: First room.
Description: Go to the left after waking up for the very first time.

Medication chart

Location: After the burning bridge scene.
Description: Go westwards to Laboratory X13.

‘I shall not lie’

Location: After the burning bridge scene.
Description: Go eastwards to Main Building and enter the third room to the right.


Location: Next to the Administration door and retinal scanner.

TETOS – side effects

Location: In Prison Cell #04.
Description: In the last cell to the left. The area is next to the Insulated Station (keypad) door.

TETOS Project

Location: Between the two Insulated Station corridors.

Patient Caleb More (2007/0156)

Location: In front of three prison cells nearby the Insulated Station.
Description: Go to the right after leaving the area between the two Insulated Station zones.

Retinal Scanner

Location: Security Room.
Description: Between four monitors and next to the keycard/scanner pad.

Patient Eric Ranger (2009/0089)

Location: Inside an Insulated Cell.
Description: After picking up the flashlight try leaving the station and enter the last cell to the right.

Labor X12

Location: In Room #114.
Description: After using the retinal scanner you will encounter some wooden doors. Open the second one to the left, enter the room and look inside the upper drawer of the desk.

Convocation of a press conference

Location: In the room next to #114.
Description: Leave Room #114 through the other door and look at the desk.

Enrolment Confirmation

Location: In the second iteration of the repeating floor scene. After listening to the second radio message.

A Symbol

Location: In front of the huge and changeable symbol at the end of the repeating floor scene.

Threatening Letter

Location: In front of the telephone in the fourth iteration of the house.

Closure of the facility

Location: Room A01 in Block A.
Description: After talking to the SWAT leader go downstairs, walk to the left and enter the first room to the right.


Location: Room A05 in Block A – the room with the morse code radio.

Clearance Certificate

Location: Flashback in the dark blocks.
Description: Stay and walk a bit in Block C and B, the flashback is story related. Leave the bathroom and go to the right.

Diana Catrall

Location: Security Room.
Description: After unlocking the last door with the morse code enter the Security Room and go to the left.

‘Note to self’

Location: Prison cells area.
Description: Enter the corridor of unlockable prison cells and stay right.


After completing the game, click on “Continue” and go back to the big door with the SWAT leader behind. Enter the final code: 9999Β and enjoy the secret ending.

Enter the second PIN code for the security door.

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