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Destiny 2 Season of Dawn: Hunter Build

With the release of Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, players who haven’t tried the game in a while might be a bit confused with all the changes and how to best make use of their gear.

Before we get to build, I highly recommend leveling up the Lantern of Osiris and unlocking different seasonal mods. It’s entirely possible to make these builds work without mods but they synergise incredibly well.

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn: Hunter Build

Everyone Gets a Throwing Knife

Hunters with Golden Gun + Celestial Nighthawk can already melt any boss in the game so we decided to keep this one PVP-focused. Let’s see how it looks:

  • Subclass – Way of the Sharpshooter (Gunslinger)
  • Grenades – Any
  • Dodge/Jump – Gambler’s Dodge+ Triple Jump
  • Exotic Armor – Assassin’s Cowl
  • Armor Mods – Hands-on, Solar Pleux, Enhanced Impact Induction, Mobility Mods
  • Weapons – Monte Carlo

Unlike rocking One-Eyed Mask in PVP, this build actually requires you to be decent in order to make it work. The entirety of the build revolves around the new Weighted Knife ability. With the new changes, the Weighted Knife does additional Precision Damage … not to mention the fact that it refreshes after you land a precision hit with it.

We’re also combining it with Assassin’s Cowl exotic that grants you invisibility, shield, and a small amount of HP after every successful melee kill. These things should allow you to reset and get some time when it comes to landing your next shot/knife.

However, since it’s incredibly hard to land Weighted Knife consistently, the build also makes use of Gambler’s Dodge that refreshes your melee ability whenever you dodge near an enemy. To take full advantage of this, you need to have as much mobility as you possibly can. Aside from this, you’ll also need to play a whole lot aggressive than you normally would.

Another mod that you need to take advantage of is Hands-on, which grants Super energy on melee kills. To top it all off, we’ve got Monte Carlo exotic that grants Melee energy. This is in case everything fails. Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, this build requires you to be consistent with your shots and won’t guarantee immediate success.

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