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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Unkillable Warlock with Unlimited Grenades Build

With the release of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, players who haven’t tried the game in a while might be a bit confused with all the changes and how to best make use of their gear. For that reason, we have compiled a bunch of these Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Builds which can give them a boost in combat and make the journey easier.

These builds were already very nice but which the new update we will see exponential betterment in them mainly because of artifact mods but also just in general.

The reason behind that is the synergy itself between these exotic and subclasses is extremely powerful depending on how you spec things out one of these builds could wind up being a main build inside a Shadowkeep for you so fellas without further ado let ‘s get into it:

Unkillable Warlock with Unlimited Grenades Build

First of all, let’s talk about some of the key components that you need to run this build:

  • Bottom or Top Voidwalker
  • Gnawing Hunger or Epicurean with Demolitionist, The Recluse, or Telesto
  • Tractor Cannon (optional)
  • Nezarec’s Sin Exotic Helmet
  • Any Armor Pieces with Grenade Recharge Mods
  • Artifacts: Enhanced Auto Rifle Loader, Anti Barrier Rounds, Breach Refactor, Overload Grenades, Oppressive Darkness

With this build, your Demolitionist Void Weapons will restore your Grenade Energy. This is on top of Ability Energy provided by bottom-tree Voidwalker, Nezarec’s Sin, and Grenade Mods on your Armor. In addition to this, you’ve got the Anti-Barrier Rounds that will provide you some more Grenade Energy.

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Overload Grenades and Oppressive Darkness will give you a sort of a Melting Point de-buff, allowing you and your Fireteam to dish out additional damage. If you want to step it up a notch, you can also run a Tractor Cannon with it.

For the subclass, you can use either bottom-tree or top-tree Voidwalker. If you’re a solo player or have a hard time staying alive, I’d recommend bottom-tree. Lastly, I should mention it here that you won’t be able to use Enhanced Ashes to Assets due to the Armor Energy restrictions with Oppressive Darkness but you should be able to use the normal Ashes to Assets just fine.

2 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Unkillable Warlock with Unlimited Grenades Build”

  1. Contraverse Hold is maybe the better exotic armor choice for a build like this. Verity’s Brow works as well, and I prefer it to Nez’s Sin, since it works with any energy demolitionist weapon. If you’re using Contraverse Hold with top or middle tree, you don’t even need demolitionist weapons. You’ll get at least half your grenade energy back on hits or kills with your grenades. Bottom tree still pairs better with Nez’s Sin or Verity’s Brow.

    • Except CH works only with kills and not hits *and* does *not* give minimum 50% back on kills. It’s eith 10 or even 5% back.

      So withouth ordnance, you would probably want a demolition perk in slot 2 cheers.


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