Devil May Cry 5: Hell of a Hunter Achievement Guide

Devil May Cry 5

Hell of a Hunter Achievement Guide

Hell of a Hunter
Clear all missions with S rank.

For this you must beat all 20 Missions + Prologue with S-Rank. It counts this across all difficulties. For example, you can S-Rank Mission 1-5 on Human difficulty, Mission 6-10 on Devil Hunter and 11-20 on Heaven or Hell. You do NOT have to get all S-Ranks on the same difficulty. Combining it between all difficulties is fine.

The easiest way by far is to do this on Heaven or Hell. On this difficulty all enemies die in 1 hit. Just use your revolver / pistols to kill everything instantly. This makes it super easy to not die. By not dying you get a x2.20 multiplier + x1.20 multiplier for no checkpoint restarts. This guarantees an S-Rank in all missions. Heaven or Hell is also the quickest mode to complete. Just be sure you’re not equipping the “Super” costumes that give you infinite Devil Trigger. Those reduce the score by -80% and make it impossible to earn S-Ranks. Stick with the normal costumes.

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