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Devil May Cry 5: Mission 19 Vergil Walkthrough

Mission 19 Vergil Walkthrough

June 15, 04:04 PM

Dante revealed the truth to Nero: Vergil is his father. Leaving the younger Devil Hunter in shock, Dante then went on alone to confront Vergil at the summit of the Qliphoth. The path was blocked by V’s castoffs, the three demons that served him until his reunion with Urizen. Having proved to them what it means to be a legendary Devil Hunter, all that’s left to confront is his brother.

Dante came to Vergil and asked him to return Yamato. The elder brother says that if Dante wants the sword, he has to use force. The battle will begin. After the fight, Vergil will ask whether Nero is his son. Soon, the brothers will decide to end everything once and for all, turn into demons and fly at each other. However, they’ll be stopped by an unknown demon…

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