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Devil May Cry 5: Slick Moves Achievement Guide

Slick Moves Achievement Guide

Slick Moves
Proceed with caution and avoid unneeded damage in Mission 15.

During Mission 15 there are two paths you can take. Regardless of which one you take they will always cross at the Divinity Statues (shops where you buy skills). There are 3 sections in total where the path splits up and you must navigate some traps to get ahead. For this trophy you just can’t take any damage from traps during the free-roam sections.

Taking damage from enemies is okay and doesn’t void the trophy. Taking damage from the endboss is fine too. To make things easier though, run past all enemies in free-roam.

Recommended Paths:

Path 1: At the start go straight down the hill and take the Gerbera jumping path (don’t take the path with the spikes). On the Gerbera path you simply use double-jump skill and with Gerbera Devil Breaker equipped press (Circle) to jump across the chasms. Do this quickly to avoid the flying enemies on the way.

Path 2 (1st Divinity Statue): Take the path left of the Divinity Statue that leads downward. It’s the path with shielded enemies. You can double-jump over all of them. They are slow and don’t really attack you.

Path 3 (2nd Divinity Statue): Run past all the enemies and go straight ahead. Don’t use the grapple on the right side, take the obvious path straight ahead. There are actually no traps here.

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