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Digimon ReArise: Digimon Personalities Guide

Despite being aimed at a mobile audience, Digimon ReArise is far from being simple thanks to its RPG roots which add multiple layers of complex gameplay to the mix.

Digimon ReArise Digimon Personalities

Digimon Personalities
Each Digimon has a colored background that relates to their personality. Some Digimon are able to possess different personalities, and they need to be treated differently as well.

Here are the different types of personalities found in Digimon ReArise:

BRAVE Digimon have high attack power and use PWR-type attacks.

  • CALM Digimon have high attack power and use TEC-type attacks.
  • DEFT Digimon have balanced stats and can use either PWR or TEC-type attacks.
  • TENACIOUS Digimon have defense power and can use PWR-type attacks.
  • DEVOTED Digimon have support skills to help the team out and use TEC-type attacks.

You will have to consider the difference between TEC and PWR type attacks whenever you’re building your team. These are able to target different Digimon and the types also affect the plugins that can be equipped.

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