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Digimon ReArise: How to Efficiently Increase Your Bond

How to Efficiently Increase Your Bond

First and foremost, your relationship or bond is displayed as a gauge below your current level. By going on adventures and doing everything you can to care of your Digimon, your ‘depth of bond’ increases.

The easiest way to increase the bond is to listen to your Digimon’s demands. It will often request something to eat, desiring a specific snack. Although you can feed it anything, giving the Digimon exactly what it wants will deepen your bond. However, collecting food can prove to be a challenge – you are rewarded food for completing missions, and during the Quest of the Day, you can go to the Time Vortex (specifically the Food Area) and try to collect rare food items there.

Basically, feeding your Digimon will yield positive results, even more so if you give them exactly what they demand. Be wary of the fact that your Digimon will eventually have had enough and can’t eat anymore, you will be unable to feed it for a considerable period of time.

Another way of deepening the bond is to set one of your Digimon as a partner. Essentially, your partner is the go-to Digimon that you have traveling with you. These Digimon are directly going on an adventure with you, therefore their bond with you steadily grows the more you spend time with them. Switching between different Digimon will increase your bond with all of them.

Finally, during a battle, you are given access to something called a ‘Friendship Special Skill’. This allows you to deepen your bond by performing a task together, however it carries the risk of being subjugated in certain situations.

Overall, by having a stronger bond with your Digimon, their overall performance is enhanced to the optimal level, but that’s not enough, you’ll need to increase their overall level as well.

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