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Digimon ReArise: Limit Breaks

Limit Breaks

Some of you may already be aware of the concept of limit breaking, but for those unaware of the meaning – it’s essentially you going pass your upper limits to reach a whole new realm of power; breaking through the limit increases your max cap so you’re capable of much more. Digimon can break through their upper limits and acquire newfound strength. If you wish for your Digimon to evolve to a higher form, then you will need to break through your Digimon’s current upper level in order to do so. Much like evolution, this technique boosts a Digimon’s stats and skill level, however, it requires fewer materials to do so.

The only way to break through one’s limits is to have the Digimon complete all special training regime, all 6 of them. Note that you must acquire Special Training Tips in order to gain access to the Special Training Regime.

Once you’ve acquired the Tips and have undergone the Special Training, you will be able to raise the Digimon until it reaches the Limit Breakthrough Level; the level changes depending on where you are on the evolutionary line. You will have broken through the upper level once you’ve completed the Special Training and have increased the level to the point that it can break through the limit.

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