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Digimon ReArise: Status Effect Guide

Despite being aimed at a mobile audience, Digimon ReArise is far from being simple thanks to its RPG roots which add multiple layers of complex gameplay to the mix.

Status Effect Guide

Status Effect
Before heading into a level, you will see a warning that warns you about the spirals at a particular level. These spirals can impose a status effect that is specified in the warning.

The Status Effects can be very harmful in later levels. Here is a list of effects that you may have to deal with in Digimon ReArise:

  • Shock / Paralysis / Stun / Sleep stop Digimon from using regular attacks and skills for some turns.
  • Freeze captures the affected Digimon in ice. In this state, they are effectively invincible, since they will not be able to do anything or be targeted by anyone unless they’re unfrozen.
  • Poison / Burn / Error will cause a Digimon to receive damage over time.
  • Skill Lock will lock the main and sub-skills, which will prevent any use. Passive skills won’t be affected.
  • Blind stops the use of regular attacks, while it also counters and lessens the accuracy of skills.

I advise you to try and reduce the effects of a status effect that is inflicted by a Clash Battle Digimon.

Although, particular Digimon types are immune to some effects.

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