Digimon Survive Gazimon Answers

Digimon Survive Gazimon Recruitment Answers

There are a few questions you need to answer in order to befriend Gazimon in Digimon Survive. You can tame Gazimon and add him to your team if you get at least three points for correct answers. Below are all the correct answers you need to become friends with Gazimon.

You can find the questions and answers of not only Gazimon, all digimons in Digimon Survive on our Digimon Survive Questions and Answers page.

Digimon Survive Gazimon Answers

Digimon Survive - Answers For Taming Questions (Befriending Digimon) WIP-2

Question / Best Answer (+2)

  • Boy, you’re a tough-lookin’ mug, aren’t ya?! I bet I’d lose if we threw down… – We’d probably tie.
  • Go on… Try guessing what I think of ya! – That I’m easygoing?
  • Next! Whaddaya think’d be a good prank? – A pit trap?
  • I don’t feel so good… Someone, help… …Pfft, ha ha ha, just kidding! Did I getcha?! – I’m glad you’re okay.
  • Don’t you think every day’s just sooo boring? – Let’s go do something!
  • Hey, what kinda food do ya like? – Love me some meat!
  • I don’t care if you smile, or laugh, or whatever! I ain’t gonna trust no human! – What can I do, then?

Useful tame tips

A few tips for those of you trying to tame them all!

  • Free battles don’t take up any move turns in free time mode.
  • If a Digimon dies in free battle, it will be revived at the end of battle and still get xp.
  • If you see a Digimon you really want in the free battle preview, be sure to save your game before fighting. That way, if you fail, you can reload the game and try again since it will still be your next free battle opponent.
  • Try use a speedy Digimon, like Falcomon, to do the talking on the first turn.
  • If you fail at getting your Digimon tamed and the battle is still not over, you can restart the battle in the start menu to try again.

How does the taming work?

In battle you can select the talk option with your partner Digimon, the opponent you choose to talk with will ask you 3 question and each question has 4 possible answers; 1 answer will add 2 bars to the affection meter, 1 will add 1 bar, 1 will decrease it by 1 and the last will decrease it by 2. In this guide I will give you the answers to get a +2 to the affection meter. We have now found that megas may have questions with answers that can only give a maximum of +1, so fret not if you don’t see +2 while grinding megas, it is by design.

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