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DiRT Rally 2.0 – Possible fix for Fanatec FFB

Small guide on a possible fix for weak Fanatec FFB settings.

Tutorial on editing FFB config file

I was able to make some small improvements to the FFB on my Fanatec setup. Currently (as of early release) the FFB is fairly weak. Some of this can be improved by editing a config file.

1. Locate the config file by going to the following path in windows explorer (Note: this may be different for you, depending on your operating system). Replace “{YOURUSERNAME}” with your username.

C:\Users\{YOURUSERNAME}\Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally 2.0\hardwaresettings

2. Locate a file called “hardware_settings_config”
3. Make a backup of this file (just in case).
4. Open the file in a text editor (like notepad).
5. Locate the following line:

<fanatec enabled=”true” pedalVibrationScale=”1.0″ wheelVibrationScale=”1.0″ ledTrueForGearsFalseForSpeed=”true” />

6. Update the “wheelVibrationScale” to 2.0 or what ever you feel is good. (I personally went with 2.0). You can also do the same with “pedalVibrationScale” if your rig supports it.
7. Save the file and start the game.
8. Configure the FFB setting to your liking.

It will not be perfect but you should be able to get a better feeling FFB than what is default. Hopefully Codemasters will work on fixing this in an upcoming patch, so steps like this are not necessary.

Written by Sp3ctrumPr0d1gy

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