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Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless Complete Guide for Beginners

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless Complete Guide for Beginners

Welcome to a Disgaea 7 guide, and how to absolutely break the game (hopefully!).

This guide features:

  • Tidbits about the new mechanics this entry introduced (Evil Gacha, juice bar, etc)!
  • Useful Evilities used for grinding out!
  • Powerleveling stages!
  • How to max out your characters stats! (TBD)
  • But also its items! (TBD)
  • Unlocking the Post-Game: Carnage Mode.
  • Beating the crap out of Baal and other powered-up monstrosities! (TBD)
  • How to commit tax fraud! (TBD?)

Evil-Gacha, the only good Gacha

Unlock it ASAP through Dark Assembly!

Why? Because with this you get:

  • Extremely good gear
  • Loads of extracts for the Juice Bar
  • Useful Evilities
  • Innocents
  • A bit of cash

Not only that, it’s incredibly easy to get points to spend in there. Every time you get patched up through the Hospital, you get Recovery Points (RP). So spend them, alot of them!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

7th level, which pretty much has regular late-game gear.

How to mass produce RP and Gamble more

Running short on RP most of the time?

Then equip these evilities:

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

You want to make sure to equip the first two in order, it’s imperative for the method to work!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

You then simply need to remove these two, heal back up at the hospital and instantly see the gain!and here’s how/where to get said evilities:

Evility’s NameSourceEffect
Image ChangeE-Gacha Overlord TierSwitches your HP/SP and ATK/INT stats around.
Secret ReconThief’s evilityReduces your HP to 1 but increases your movement by 5.
Powerful SoulsSuisen’s EvilityIncreases HP/SP by 25%.
Magic BiasSuper Overlord Gacha TierDecreases HP by 50%, but increases SP by 100%.
VanguardFighter’s EvilityIncreases HP/ATK/DEF by 5%

To recap, you basically nuke your entire HP with Secret Recon and double down on the SP with Image Change. The results are even more apparent if your character(s) are high HP/SP.

Cheat shop, also the only good Cheats

Yada yada, get this too.

From just boosting the enemies level, or EXP/Mana/Money/ETC to more QoL elements like auto-heal after a stage, and even less useful stuff, the cheat shop is ESSENTIAL throughout the entire game.Get it ASAP.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Cheats never has been this good, holy.

Get Juiced Up!

Absolutely love this feature compared to D5 extracts.

You’ll unlock it naturally throughout the story, and all battles you spent prior will be retroactively counting too! That’s right, you just get EXP/Mana extracts by just completing stages, so just go rush them with your best characters!

You can slap any kind of stats on units (gained through Evil-Gacha, better the tier, better the stats), or you could just also make them level up to absurd levels without touching them at all! If you feel extra lazy, you can give them a bit of mana to pass smaller bills like “Hog all EXP” or Movement/Throwing/Counter upgrades; even unlocking new evilities (since they gain more as they level up).

Don’t forget to put people in the Juice Bar Squad!

Every members adds a % to what you gain in extracts, and the upgrades to the squad only increases it.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)


There’s caps on these too, 10 million for each stats and 1 billion for HP/SP.

Evilities Preliminary Course

Evilities are just passive abilities, use them!

  • Their usefulness range from niche to top-tier, consider using the ones I mention in the next sections.
  • But do know that to equip them you need the slots for them too!
  • You naturally get up to 14 common evility slots when you reach 9999, you’ll be stuck at 12 when you reach level 2000 for some time, and then 13 at level 5000.
  • The rest is all sub-class mastery, so good luck!

But wait, there’s more than common evilities!

There’s also the unique ones, proper to their respective classes, although, mastering them grants you access, provided you got more Unique slots unlocked.There’s 3 unique slots you can acquire post-game:

  1. Through a bill at the Dark Assembly ( 1 million mana).
  2. Beating Baal in Normal mode.
  3. Beating a certain boss in Carnage mode.

Evilities for Powerleveling 101

Try to pass the “Inherit Evility” bill while you are at it!

You’ll gain a massive amount of time (and sanity) if you pass all useful evilities on the units you plan to level up. Of course, duplicating an evility requires you to possess it on one character and spend mana to have another scroll.

First, there’s personal EXP boosting abilities, ranging from a mere 10%, to fully doubling it! You get these via the Evil-Gacha machine only, but getting one is enough to spread them to the others as I said prior.

Evility’s nameEvil Gacha LevelEXP increaseSlot Cost
Study LoverN/A (You can learn this through the Squad Shop for everyone)10%1
Study WhizMedium20%2
Study NerdHigh40%3
Study ManiacUltimate75%4
Genius StudierDemon Lord100%5
Hard EffortValkyrie’s Evility50% IF the enemy is higher level1
Precocious SecretN/A (You can learn this through the Squad Shop for everyone)20% IF your level is below 10001

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

You may fit atleast that much before reaching level 9999.

Secondly, there’s evilities boosting EXP for others just for existing (doesn’t apply on self though)! Here’s some:

Evility’s nameEvility’s ownerEXP increase + EffectSlot Cost
Development supportPirilika50% when next to evility’s user.3
Happy songSea Angel30% to EVERYONE when the unit is deployed.5
Voracious SpiritPleinair (DLC)Same as Sea Angel’s but with added 30% increase to Mana.5

All of this STACKS with each other!

You can have 9 other units with Happy song for a whopping 270% EXP boost (or even more if you got Pleinair+Pirilika’s evilities shared!) + personal EXP boost evilities (up to 245%).

Fit yourself with these to maximise your EXP! (and possibly pass the bill to “Triple the EXP”, only cost around 30k HL for one)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Evilities for Powerleveling 102?!

EXP boost is good and all, but your going to need the firepower to deal with some mobs!

There’s an extensive list of evilities I could talk about that upgrade ATK, INT, HIT, etc ,etc. It’d take forever if I classify them all, so here’s a couple that comes really handy to boost the potency of your attacks:

Evility’s NameSourceEffectCost
Taste of VictoryE-Gacha Overlord Tier+1% stat boost (up to 100%) for every stage clear on a map (check the clear count in the bottom right corner).1
Ensure VictoryMale Samurai’s evilityBoost attack power by 50% on the first turn.2
Mana ScarcityE-Gacha Super level tierBoost your attack power by 50%, but you only gain 30% Mana.4
Deadly FootwearMaiko’s evilityBoost your attack power by 20%, but decreases movement by 1.1
First Impression♥♥♥♥’s evility (DLC)Boost your attack power by 50% on the first turn.2
HL PowerSeraphina’s evility (DLC)Boost stats by 2% for each digit of your current HL.2
Assault AttackUnique Valkyrie’s evility (MAX TIER)Boost attack power by 10% for each panel moved, capping at 200%1(UNIQUE)

Missing table coming soon.

Of course, I may aswell recommend evilities that targets a specific class, which boost the potency by yet another 50%.

Especially Dragon Slayer (for the Dragons in the First trial) and License Inspector (for the Rifle Demons in the Final Trial). You can easily get them through the quest board (killing 20 of <insert class name>).

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

If you can nuke mobs easily, I suggest removing some of these evilities for more EXP oriented ones.

Powerlevel Early-game

The most boring part of this game!

The beginning of all, you’re going to grind there for a bit till you feel confident to plunge into the item world or higher powerleveling stages.

This part is alot of fine tuning with the cheat shop, so be sure to unlock it too!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

1-3, going from level 2 to 50.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

3-4, going from level 13 to 105.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

7-3, going from level 33 to 205. Takes a bit of time to throw the geo-blocks and you’ll want a 2nd attacker, since these units revive on death (up to 20% HP). You can also fuse 3 of them for a level 99 enemy, worth as much EXP as a level 300!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

9-4, going from level 44 to 260. Features two groups of enemies with 100% EXP and 100% Mana boost.Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

14-3, going from level 78 to 430. But I seriously can’t recommend this stage since of the “No Entry” panels.

Powerlevel with Level 99s

Level 99 enemies got as much EXP as a level 300 one!

Like it or not, that’s how the formula is built. Except one enemy is much weaker than the other, but as valuable.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

4-2 with 16 stars in Enemy Strenght

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

6-4 with 9 stars.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

7-2 with 8 stars.Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

11-1 with 4 stars.Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

13-4 with 2 stars.

You could technically get level 99 enemies as early as 3-5 if you fuse (throwing them into each other) 3 enemies (with 4 stars), but the “No Lifting” Geo makes it impossible unless if you can snipe it from afar.

Powerlevel in the Item World

Loads of money, EXP and item levels!

Whenever you feel like ready to jump into it (gear/power-wise), this’ll level you up a bunch, and enemies are MUCH weaker than you’d think.

BE WARNED THOUGH, it does ramp up quite quickly through the floors.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

A decently equipped unit at level 500 could just pulverize this. Still be cautious and don’t get caught in your hubris.

Powerlevel Late-game

Got a bit buffed? Good, you’ll need more!

By doing that, unlock the Martialgahara through the Dark Assembly (unlocks through chapter 3 or 4, can’t remember).If you are acquainted with Disgaea, it’ll be your dedicated training grounds for a LONG time (possibly has a carnage version too).


Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

First Trial, 1 star guarantees level 99 mobs. Throw the geo block into the zone if you need more attack potency.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Final Trial, from level 400 to 2040.If you feel like you lack power, it’s always good to grind back in the Item World too!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Triple EXP can grant tons of juice, especially if you cap it out in the cheat shop!

Powerlevel Fresher Units

Want your units to also get stronger, but lacking the power to do so?

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Just head to the Dark Assembly, it’s pretty cheap mana-wise too!

If you so decide, you can also pass a “Triple EXP” bill, then take your strongest character to your regular farm spot and start the massacre!

The one delivering the killing blow NEEDS to have EXP boosting evilities to maximise the boost, the one passing the bill doesn’t have to equip ANYTHING!!!

Once you feel comfortable with that unit on previous farm spots, you may aswell do the killing with it instead (this time with EXP evilities equipped).

But there’s other ways too!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

The bootcamp Squad being one of the most useful, for a whopping 35% EXP share when upgraded.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

The basedefenders Squad is a more passive EXP share, and in my opinion, almost worthless.

And if you need a quick EXP boost, remember to use the Juice Bar!

Sub-Class Mastery and YOU

Still think this is the superior way to get maxxed out.

You’ll first need to pass a bill to get it unlocked, by then, you’ll be able to switch classes at your own leisure. You can get:

  • More spells and moves.
  • Classes evilities, their common ones at first AND then their unique ones once mastered.
  • Common Evility slots when mastering them (up to 10 more).
  • Stats Growth and equipment compatibility.

With the latter 2 being the most important since it depends on how many classes you leveled on one character. Reincarnating afterwards is also recommended to see the stat growth!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

Leveling your class is just like regular powerleveling!

But with different cheat shop settings and evilities that comes from our beloved Evil-Gacha:

Evility’s nameEvil Gacha LevelSub-Class EXP increaseSlot Cost
Workshop InternN/A (You can learn this through the Squad Shop for everyone)10%1
Career TraineeMedium20%2
Class ChangerHigh40%3
Pro Class ChangerUltimate75%4
Career MasterDemon Lord100%5

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

You only need these and the cheat shop’s boost to get as much mastery possible!

Weapon Mastery Maxxing

Boosting this is vital to maximize your weapon’s stats!

Here’s the evilities you’ll need:

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Evility’s nameSourceEffect
Eye for an EyeGunner?Guarantees hit on counter-attack.
Retribution(SURE WISH I KNEW)Increases counter-attacks by 2.
HandicapGachaLower levels survives fatal damage (if both are level 9999, they WON’T kill each other).
Counter KnowledgeGachaIncreases number of counter-attacks by 1%.
Forced CounterGachaUnit counter-attacks up to 20 times.
Weapon FanNitra’s EvilityIncreases every weapon compatibility rank by 1 (A ranks become S ranks for example)

You can switch Weapon Fan for a “Guru” Evility, in case you want a specific weapon mastered. (or if you dont want to bother maxxing subclasses, since it fits 14 slots, perfect for lvl 9999s only)

You NEED to have 2 characters minimum for this to work!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

This is 12-5, you’ll want to remove the 2 enemy base panels first before grinding some mastery levels. Remember that you CAN’T kill enemies with characters equipped w/ Handicap! So leave it to other units!

Once you got rid of some enemies and get some peace, you can get the characters that you want to level up their weapon mastery. (in this case, it was Val and Fuji)

Position them on the “Always Counter” geo panels, and let ’em fight with regular attacks.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

From level 0 in sword to 38 in a minute.

Handicap makes them unable to kill each other, but they keep hitting themselves thanks to the rest of the evilities, without any misses. Once you are done leveling their mastery (it takes a few minutes to max out), just clear out the rest of the trash!

Reincarnation Mania

You capped on level 9999? What’s next?

Did you max out a couple sub-classes? If yes, you are free to reincarnate for a “”minor”” boost:

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Prior to reincarnation

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

After reincarnating (and a bit of EXP grind thanks to some bills/strong units)As you can see, the stats are almost identical, but there’s still MUCH potential, even with only 2 maxxed classes!

Be sure to spend all mana before reincarnating, pass bills at the Assembly to upgrade moves/counters/jumping & throwing power but also evility scrolls.

Never change, Item World!

Here’s where you going to waste hours and hours getting what you want: perfect equipment!

If you grinded a bit in the Item World for powerleveling, you may have seen that items can be climbed in sets of 10s. Rarity dictates how many floors there is:

  • Common=10 floors.
  • Rare= 20 floors.
  • Legendary= 30 floors.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

On floor 10 (and subsequently 20 and 30), resides an Item General (King/God respectively), boosting your Item Level if defeated.

But that’s not all, level spheres, some of the Lucky Boards (those with “Level” in the name); completing stage’s objectives and killing enemies (total level accumulated for each kills) also levels up the item in the process.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Item Level caps at level 500, but there’s always much more to do, since you can reincarnate said item!

Innocents, the residents of your Item!

You may have encountered some of these already, and may have given them a beating too! They always appear neutral, and your enemies may prioritize them over you. If by chance you subdued them by yourself, the innocent will grant its stats bonuses (depending on its name) onto the item!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

The ones in the middle are not subdued yet, they must be beaten out first. You may also deposite them in the Innocent Warehouse and combine them to have even more powerful Innocents (caps at 50k for one)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Once you get the hang of the Item World, it might be preferable if you pass the bill for the Innocent Farmers Squad. It’ll allow to generate more Innocents (though not subdued unless if you upgrade the squad completely).

Demon Shogi, the actual content

Since there’s an achievement for it!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Prinny class, don’t bother changing the Valkyrie’s D.I. The prinny just… blows up.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Demon class, the back attack+Zielrigen does enough damage to kill all units.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Demon Lord class, each zombies prioritize a group of enemy and their weaknesses (Ice for Orcs/Cats and Fire for Shrooms).

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Valkrye appearing 2nd in the list, closest to the enemy.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Valkyrie appearing 3rd in the list, furthest from the enemy.

Overlord class, Valkyrie (3rd) boosts the Psychic far enough so he can warp up to the geo-blocks and destroy them via lifting/throwing. Valkyrie (2nd) goes for the kill with Secret Slash.

Check Super Overlord class through the “Unlocking Carnage Mode” part and for the actual Carnage version in its own category.

Unlocking Carnage Mode

Congrats on completing the tutorial!

Now we’ll get onto the serious stuff, unlocking post-game content. To do so, there’s a couple of requirements:

  • Completing the first two postludes.
  • Completing 4 specific quest (you get them when you finish the second postlude).
  • Completing the LAST postlude which unlocks after these quests.

The 4 quests mentionned being:

  1. Completing the Super-Overlord Demon shogi (NW sightseeing Chapter 5).
  2. Completing the Super-Overlord MA Tournament (NW sightseeing Chapter 4).
  3. Beating an Item God 1.
  4. Receive the Overlord Evil-Gacha rewards (should be easy enough if you powerleveled).

AFAIK, 2 and 3 are not retroactive, meaning that you’ll need to do it again if you completed it prior receiving the quests.

Remember, it’s Item God 1 and not 2!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Item God 2 only exists in Rank 40 items and above, Item God in Rank 39 and less.

Here’s the D.I setup for the Demon Shogi part:

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

To recap, you’ll just want to throw all enemies on top of one of the Armor Knights, debuffing her (w/ the Mage) in the process and casting Death Wish (w/ the Sorcerer) which instantly kills any debuffed enemies.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

It should guarantee a one-turn clear if you set it up correctly. I’ll provide the solution to all Demon Shogi (including Carnage version ones) later on.

After these quest, go unlock the last postlude through a bill and go beat ’em up!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

May god have mercy, because we won’t!

Carnage Gacha

Might aswell get equipped before getting wrecked!

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

The Evil-Gacha comes useful once again, this time with Carnage items in its prize list!

There’s only two levels this time though, they roughly share 50% of the whole game’s equipment each (except rank 40+ items).

Not only that it comes with interesting scrolls; tons of Innocents high-level innocents (remember to combine often!) and ALOT of stat boosting extracts, which will be one way to boost your character through Carnage.

Carnage Powerleveling

Still worried about leveling new units? Or reincarnating?

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

If you remember Martialgahara, the Final Trial will solve ALL your grinding problems!

  • At 2 stars, all enemies reach their maximum level, meaning the maximum leveling potential (if you go over 2, you may also sign your deathwish). Remember to use your evilities at maximum capacity!
  • Grinding there also makes mastering sub-classes MUCH easier, taking one clear to max a generic class except Mecha-Girl and Celestial Hostess, needing two instead. (with full evilities+ 1400% cheat shop boost)
  • The Juice Bar will get filled to the brim if you spam it long enough, making it easy to level other units or upgrading your remaining squads.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

100 Auto-Battles with full EXP boost, enough to level up to 9999 several times over!

You need about 76 billion EXP to max out from level 1 to 9999.

Carnage Shogi

I’m never touching this s**t again.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Prinny class, remove the prinny’s actions. Valkyrie can move while lifting, getting enough distance to blow up the other prinnies.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Remove the actions of the Prinny next to the Bandit

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

If you didn’t do anything prior, the 3rd prinny should appear 4th on the list, but we want it to go first so it can move directly to where we want. Use the menu to do so.

Demon class, one prinny goes up to the enemy, Bandit throws another, chain explosion, last prinny kills the Armor knight with Pringer Beam.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Demon lord class, Female Armor Knight tanks the counters initiated by the Valkyrie and counters back all of them to death.


Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Put the Fighter next to the floral beasts at number 1 in order of actions

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

2nd FighterStop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

3rd Fighter, Part 1 and 2 respectively.Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

4th Fighter, Part 1 and 2 respectively. NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO ATTACK ALLIES.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

5th Fighter, Part 1 and 2 respectively. NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO ATTACK ALLIES.

Overlord class, all of this movement makes full use of their evilities, positionnals and team attacks. The last needs to be able to attack allies otherwise they just don’t do anything.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

Super Overlord class, somehow easier than the other one and no specific actions needed apart from Jumbify (fueled by the deaths of allies). All Mecha Girls pushes the enemies close enough to the giga-normal attacks hits them all.

Stop being Broke & Break (the Game™)

If you got the achievement popping up, then congratulation! You can finally play the game instead!

Written by PootYolo

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