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Dishonored 2: Circle of Life Achievement in Mission 8 (The Grand Palace)

This guide is for people who have missed the Circle of Life achievement in Mission 5 (The Royal Conservatory) and do not want to do another playthrough. I decided to add this guide as it is not widely known, nor is there a proper tutorial on the internet for doing this achievement in any mission other than in the Royal Conservatory.

Circle of Life Achievement in Mission 8

Required Abilities

  • Fully upgraded Possession skill tree.
  • Devouring Swarm. (Only Tier 1)

Required Bonecharms

Bloodfly Alchemy – An enemy’s initial ranged attack is transformed into bloodflies.

Optional Bonecharms

Below are some of the optional bonecharms for the method to work and make it easier, in order of preference:

  • Agile Will – Possession lasts slightly longer.
  • Mind Runner – Your possessed human host can sprint.
  • Accommodating Host – Animal Possession lasts slightly longer.
  • Synergic Swarm – Summoned rat swarms persist longer.


The front of the palace has 2 pools on either side of the statue/pathway and the yard has 3 blue guards and 1 red guard. Once you cross this area you can open a door to find the large dining room with a hound sleeping in the right corner.

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  • Take out the 3 blue guards and leave the red guard alone. There are a few things I want to note here. Firstly, taking out the blue guards is necessary because otherwise the scene becomes a hot mess and they often kill rats and bloodflies before you can do the loop. Secondly, summoning a swarm of rats anywhere near these bodies will make the rats devour them instead of standing where they are summoned. So take care of the 3 bodies.
  • Once courtyard is clear (only red guy remaining), summon a swarm of rats somewhere on the white path, preferably beside the statue and make sure they stay in place. Quick save.
  • Run towards the red guard and promptly run away towards the pool fast, or attract his attention from far off, so that he initiates the ranged attack and also make sure he can hit you.
  • His shot will turn into bloodflies upon hitting you. At this point, I think it is worth mentioning, the game sends out 2 more blue guards from within the palace who do not exist otherwise. Hence it is advisable to summon the swarm of rats as much away from the main door as possible.
  • Possess bloodfly. Fly to pool.
  • Possess fish. Go as close to the rat swarm as possible.
  • Possess rat. Run up the stairs of the porch.
  • Possess any of the 3 remaining human and SPRINT towards the palace dining room door.
  • Open door, turn right and possess sleeping hound on the floor.
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The achievement will pop up at this moment.

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