Dome Keeper How the seed works (the Giving Tree)

Dome Keeper How the seed works

How the seed works, and how to best utilize it.

How the seed works

So, I am creating this guide in order to share what little I know on how to use the seed Item. I have done very little experimenting and will update this guide as information comes in.

Reference Image + Analysis

The Giving Tree

Image shows a tree that provides 3 resources, 2 ore and 1 water. The seed was placed on a water resource and the roots extended to 2 ore blocks. The tree seems to require the 9 blocks, 3×3, above it to fully grow.

So from this we can extrapolate that the tree will provide the resource it grows on and the resources it connects to via roots.


  • Place seed near middle shaft for easy access
  • place on cobalt when possible for added security, especially if you are finding it hard to stay alive
  • plan ahead, It might be worth saving nodes if they are in a good location
  • The tree takes a few rounds to fully grow, about 6, but provides every cycle.
  • This is useful especially in Prestige mode.
  • You can dig the seed back up if you want to move it just dig right at the base of the tree and it will pop out.
  • It will also give resources based on how many nodes of a type its roots can grab. So far I’ve only gotten a max of 3, currently testing to see if it will give more.

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Written by Kronozzs