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Don’t Starve Together – Green Gems Guide

Green gems are (in my opinion) the most powerful gem in all of Don’t Starve Together. In this guide, I will provide tips on how to acquire green gems, and how to fully utilize them.

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Green Gems – What are they?

Green gems are a type of gem found exclusively in the ruins. The ruins are a high risk high reward biome found deep within the caves of DST. For refrence, here is what they look like:

Green gems can be obtained via mining thulecite statues, hammering broken clockworks and ancient pseudoscience stations, breaking relics and from the Ancient Guardian’s large ornate chest. In RoG, green gems (and the other gems) can be found in tumbleweeds. In Shipwrecked, they can be found in X marks the spot chests. In DST, they can be obtained by killing the dragonfly and from cave holes (using the lazy forager)

Green gems can be used to make 2 items: The Staff of Deconstruction and the Construction Amulet. Green gems, like any other gem, can be socketed into an empty moonlens, which can be used to mark things on the map.

The Construction Amulet

Let’s start with the Construction Amulet. The construction amulet costs 2 thulecite, 3 nightmare fuel and 1 green gem to craft and is equipped onto the body slot. It has 5 uses.

When equipped, the amulet will halve any and all crafting recipes, meaning all recipes will only cost half of their original materials. This makes it best used when crafting rare or non-renewable items (such as other ancient items). A few examples of good uses of construction amulets includes, but is not restricted to:

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War saddles
Glossamer Saddles
Any ancient items (excluding the thulecite amulet, thulecite, pick/axes and thulecite walls)
Thick fur
Deconstruction Staves

Alternitavely, you can equip the green gem for a permanent +2 sanity per minute, however be mindful to take off the amulet when crafting items you don’t want to use amulet durability on. I would instead reccomend a thulecite suit, as it gives +3.3 sanity per minute and can only be degraded by taking damage.

The Deconstruction Staff

The Deconstruction Staff is the green gem’s staff. The staff will cost you 4 nightmare fuel, 2 living logs and 2 green gems. When equipped, the item passively does nothing. It has 5 uses.

When equipped, you will be able to deconstruct any item or structure without losing a single resource (unless the item has lost durability). When combined with the powers of the construction amulet, you are able to duplicate items, gaining a profit of 50% of the resources spent to craft said item. Some good items to use the deconstruction staff on (without the construction amulet) include:

Scaled flooring
Pan flute (at 10%, last use)

When using the construction amulet with the deconstruction staff, good uses include:

War saddle (to gain more steel wool)
Glossamer saddle
Thulecite suit
Thick fur (if 15 fur tufts were gathered from bearger)

Note: Do NOT use the deconstruction staff on an item that required any gem. The gem will shatter, even if it is not an ancient gem. (The only exception to this rule is the moon caller’s staff, that will give an iridescent gem, which does nothing, so it is still reccomended not to deconstruct that staff).

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How to effectively use green gems

Probably one of the most effective ways of using green gems is by using deconstrucion staves on scaled flooring. Since dragonfly has 27.5k hp, she can take a while to kill, and depending on your skill level, a lot of resources. Using 1 scale and 2 cut stone, you will get 6 scaled flooring. Using one deconstruction staff on scaled flooring will give you a back 5 scales and 5 cut stone, meaing you’ve profited 4 scales and 3 cut stone.

Another probably less common way of using green gems is by using the construction amulet and deconstruction staff on beargers thick fur. Normaly, you need 90 fur tufts (dropped periodically by bearger) to craft 3 fur tufts which just isn’t worth it in my opinion. However, that price can be lowered to 45 fur tufts with a construction amulet, and since deconstructing one thick fur gives you 3 fur tufts back, an easy way to multiply thick fur is by getting bearger to drop 15 fur tufts, proceeding to kill bearger, deconstruction his dropped fur and using those 30 extra tufts with a construction amulet to make 3 thick fur for only 45 fur tufts, netting you a profit of 2 thick fur, or another 2 autumns.

Continuing with the theme of giants, using a construction amulet to craft a weather pain aint a bad idea. While you only save 5 down feathers by doing this, that just allows you to craft a 2nd weather pain (provided you use the amulet again and that you have the other resources necessary).

Since the glossamer saddle needs 68 (yes, 68) butterfly wings to craft, you can cut that in half to only 34 wings with a construction amulet. But wait, using a deconstruction staff will allow you to duplicate butterfly wings for an endless source of hunger and healing.

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Looking to tame an ornery beefalo? You’re gonna want that war saddle. Unfortunately, the ewecus can only drop a maximum of 3 steel wool, one short of that war saddle. Thankfully, using the construction amulet, you are able to cut that down to 2 steel wool, the minimum amount of wool that an ewecus can drop. Looking to tame beefalo quickly? Use the deconstruction staff on a crafted war saddle to get back 4 steel wool, allowing you to craft a brush and a war saddle from one ewecus.

Finally, while less useful in DST since the ruins regenerate after the Ancient Fuelweaver’s death, using deconstruction staves and construction amulets on thulecite suits isn’t a bad idea. Using one full amulet and staff to craft and deconstruct thulecite suits will net you a profit of 13 thulecite and 3 nightmare fuel (The amulet costs 2 thulecite and 3 nightmare fuel while the staff costs 4 nightmare fuel). This however costs 3 green gems unless you use the amulet to craft the staff, but then you will only be gaining 10 thulecite, so choose whichever is more important to you.

Conclusion + Note

Green gems are some of the most powerful items in the game due to their ability to duplicate almost any item. You can obtain a plethera of items that normaly you would have to wait days or even years to acquire, and this is why I believe that green gems are the strongest gem.

Note: Yes, I am aware Edgy Rick made a guide of green gems already. While that did inspire me to make this guide, I wanted to give my own pointers on using green gems.

Written by Baarko

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