Don't Starve Together - How to take care of your best buddy Josh

Don’t Starve Together – How to take care of your best buddy Josh

This is a guide on how to take care of your eccentric friend Josh. Josh isn’t easy to take care of so that’s why I’ve written this guide to show you how.

Learning about Josh

Josh is a little boy who likes computers and loves to say hes a robot from Don’t Starve. Josh will only listen to alternative/rock music and even then refuses anything else except for select artists.

Please don’t be discouraged if Josh tells you to ‘git gud scrub’ in Don’t Starve Together when he has more rot than you. He is only trying to make a funny. You can simply one up him by saying you have 2 rot. Do this by taking 2 items that can spoil and leave them in your inventory until they become rot, simple and easy.

Josh’s humor and need to make all of his grammar perfect can result in the sentence not making sense as he read it over too many times while typing. This is also the cause of him typing for 10 minutes.

Josh will inhale at time in voice and this is when you know Josh wants to make conversation but cannot think of something to say.

Josh has a tendency to spam you with screenshots of grass in No Mans Sky he will then go on and on about how perfect it is. Just sit and nod. After he is finished, look for your own steam screenshots and battle with him on whose are better. This will amuse Josh.

Now that you know a bit about Josh and how to deal with some things about Josh, let’s move on to really taking care of Josh.

How to take care of Josh

Josh has a specific care routine that must be followed, and if not followed may lead to Josh going insane.

  • You should always make Josh big breakfasts, lunch and dinners because otherwise Josh wont eat very much and that’s not good for Josh.
  • Make sure to always protect Josh from the big mean people that come his way. Josh is frail but he is very strong. So sometimes he does need a little bit of assistance.
  • Bathe Josh every day to ensure that he is clean.
  • Feed Josh Cheez-Its.
  • Give Josh lots of love and care, always be sure to comfort him when its needed.
  • Josh likes hugs. Give Josh hugs.
  • Make sure Josh doesn’t drink too much coffee because he will then feel the need to clean everything.

This is the basic idea on taking care of Josh.

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