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DOOM Eternal Doom Slayers Boss Fight

DOOM Eternal Doom Slayers Boss Fight

We’ll be fighting the monster we’ve been seeing throughout the whole mission. These guys are tough and have a sled that give them incredible speed.

doom slayers boss fight

Doom Slayers Boss Fight

Although it says you can shoot at the Doom Hunter itself with the Plasma Rifle to disable it, but I recommend you focus your ammo and energy on the sled because that’s 50% of his health. Like the little illustration showed you, using the Full Auto mod for your shotgun is great to deal massive damage. Don’t worry about running out of ammo since you can find a lot scattered throughout the arena and you can use your chainsaw to refill it. There’s also a lot of tins of fuels here so use it to your hearts content. Don’t bother about using the Ice Bomb either as it won’t do a thing. Instead use your frags, those do great damage… if you manage to hit him.

There will be a lot of zombies, imps and gargoyles running around. Ignore them because they’ll keep on respawning throughout the fight so it’s kind of pointless to kill them. They do serve as a means to refill your ammo and keep your health up so there’s that. As for attacks, he constantly shoots bullets at you from his sled (another reason to get rid of it ASAP) and can also lock-on to you and shoot missiles, similar to the Revenant’s attack. Dash away from these missiles to avoid getting hit. He also shoots from his right arm and the blast is similar to your rocket launcher so always keep a dash in stock in order to move out of the way. If you’re close to him he’ll attack you with his double chainsaw, doing a ton of damage.

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You typically want to get real close with your shotgun in Full Auto and blast is all into the sled. Once you destroy the sled he’ll drop it but he can still hover around. He can dodge your attacks much easier, but he loses his most annoying attack. I recommend you use your Super Shotgun to deal massive damage. Use L2 to get in close and personal and shoot him down. Shooting him directly 5 or 6 times would do the trick.

Once you get rid of him go down the hole in the middle where you’ll be outside… and in another arena. We now have to deal with 2 Doom Hunters at the same time, because we didn’t have a lot of of problems with the first one. Nothing has changed here, but I recommend you focus on destroying both of their sleds first because that just means slower Doom Hunters and less bullets flying around. The fodder enemies will keep coming so keep your health up and your ammo full at all times. Don’t worry, this is a tough fight so dying one or two is perfectly normal.

Once you complete the fight, watch the little scene and the mission will come to an end. We’ll also get a trophy for our troubles!

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The Hunters Became the Hunted: Kill the Doom Hunters.

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