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DOOM VFR: Achievements Guide

Welcome to the DOOM VFR achievement guide.

The achievements here are pretty easy, and they can be done on any difficulty. Bethesda didn’t really try very hard, and as such there are only a very few achievements that require any sort of effort at all.

Story Related

Use an Argent Cache
Story related, cannot be missed.

Weapon Master
Use a Weapon Upgrade Station
Story related, cannot be missed.

Welcome to the Party
Complete the first level
Story related, cannot be missed.

Well Done
Put out the fires in the BFG central chamber
Story related, cannot be missed.

Cross the Beams
Complete the first laser minigame
Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete all of the hacking minigames
Story related, cannot be missed.

Swiss Army Guy
Acquire all weapons
Story related, cannot be missed.

Travel to Hell
Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the single player campaign on any difficulty
Story related, cannot be missed.

Everything Else

A Hop, Skip and a Jump
Teleport 1000 times
Rather than using the Dash method of movement, just use the Teleportation method. You should get this a mission or two before the end of the game.

Telefrag into 25 demons
To be able to Telefrag into an enemy, you must first stagger them. Staggering is indicated by the demon glowing blue. To stagger an enemy, simply avoid headshots and spam them with a weapon that’s guaranteed not to kill them in one hit. If you’re having problems staggering foes, try this on the first level with the enemies there, and aim at their chests with your pistol. Once staggered, activate your teleport locomotion and move it over the demon. If done correctly, you will teleport into them and their gibs will go flying everywhere.

What did you Expect?
Telefrag into a Possessed Engineer and explode
Possessed Engineers are the enemies that have big, red canisters sticking out of them. They’ll usually come running toward you and explode if you don’t kill them in time. You’ll need to be fast to stagger them, but after you do teleport directly into them to blow them up with a Telefrag. If you don’t get this during your first time playing, load up the UAC Administration level via Mission Select and try again.

Shot Blocked
Shoot down 30 projectiles
You can shoot down any projectile. This is best done against the Cacodemons (big red floating enemies with one eye), as they shoot giant balls of purple plasma at you, with your pistol since it has infinite ammo. If you don’t get this on your playthrough, load up the Advanced Research Complex level from the Mission Select screen at the main menu and do the laser minigame, which will spawn enemies and, most importantly, Cacodemons afterward. Kill everything but one Cacodemon, put yourself against a wall, and shoot down its plasma ball with your pistol until the achievement pops.

Master of One
Fully upgrade a single Combat Chassis subsystem
There are more than enough upgrades that are directly in your path to earn you this achievement. Simply fully upgrade one of the three subsystems (ammo, health, shield). Three upgrades are required to master one subsystem.

Collect all of the DoomGuy Dolls
There are a total of 16 DoomGuy Dolls; that translates into 2 per level. It’s important to note that you can see all of the DoomGuy Dolls that you’ve collected so far in the Advanced Research Complex. You can see which ones you’re missing in each level at the Mission Select screen of the Main Menu. You can also see all the collectibles in the in-game map. Follow the video guide for more information.

Good luck in your achievement hunting!

Written by The Horror Network

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