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Doraemon Story of Seasons Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Doraemon Story of Seasons Beginners Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Starting Tips

Tips and tricks for those just starting out and beginners.

  • It is a good idea to hoard food items, and wood, rock and metal.
  • Fossils are easy cash at the beginning, you can mine fossils from the mines.
  • During the summer you can fish expensive fish from the ‘hidden’ pond in Rolin Forest.
  • Rushing a house expansion is a good idea because it unlocks you the kitchen.
  • Talking with everyone in passing makes for easy relationship gains.
  • Run by the beach every morning to gather all the building materials washed ashore.
  • To rename your farm, use the booth gadget located in the mayor’s house.

Shipping Prices

  • Turnip 110
  • Potato 269
  • Striped Shell 30
  • Red Snapper 474
  • T.S. Filefish 182
  • Clam Shell 30
  • Horse Mackerel 30
  • Olive Flounder 222
  • Squid 58
  • Octopus 50
  • Honeybee 46
  • Royal Fern 60
  • Horsetail 30
  • Bamboo Shoot 30
  • Loquat 120
  • Dandelion 30
  • Shiitake 30
  • Junk 100
  • Fern Fossil 200
  • Trilobite 120

Fish List

The fish you can obtain in every location will vary depending on the weather and time of day. A list of all the fish you can catch in Doraemon Story of Seasons.

Fish Location Season Shadow Size
Cherry Salmon Farm, Swoosh Fall, Plash River Spring Small
Large Char Plash River Spring Medium
Pond Loach Farm/Swoosh Fall/Plash River Spring Small
Catfish Farm(River), Plash River Spring Medium
Red Snapper Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape Spring Medium
T.S. Filefish Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape Spring Small
Squid Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape Spring Small
Oryzias Farm/PlashRiver Summer Small
Crayfish Farm/Swoosh Fall/Plash River/Rolin forest All Small
Snakehead Swoosh Fall Summer Medium
Eel Plash River Summer Medium
Piranha Lake Drench, Plash River All (Stromy Day) Small
Turtle Farm(pond) Summer Small
Shark Zazan beach/Zazan cape Summer(Stromy Day) Large
Marlin Zazan beach/Zazan cape Summer(6-12AM) Large
Sardine Zazan beach/Zazan cape Summer Small
Smelt Zazan cape/Zazan beach(?) Summer Small
Salmon Farm/Swoosh Fall/Plash River Autumn Medium
Rainbow Trout Swoosh Fall/Plash River Autumn Medium
Sweet Fish Farm/Plash River Autumn Small
Arowana Rolin forest Autumn Medium
Arctic Bonito Zazan beach/Zazan cape(?) Autumn Medium
Mackerel Zazan beach/Zazan cape Autumn Small
Beltfish Zazan beach/Zazan cape Autumn Large
Pond Smelt Farm River Winter Small
Puffer Fish Zazan Cape/Zazan Beach Winter Medium
Monkfish Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape, Splosh Lake All/winter Medium
Shrimp Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape Winter Small
Amberjack Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape Winter(Snowing Day) Large
Carp Farm, Swoosh Fall, Plash River All Medium
Crucian Carp Farm/Swoosh Fall/Plash River All Small
Octopus Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape All Medium
Gold Fish Farm, Swoosh Falls, Plash River All Medium
Sea Bass Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape All Medium
Horse Mackerel Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape All Small
Olive Flounder Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape All Medium
Big Gt Oarfish Zazan Beach, Zazan Cape Winter Large
Frilled Shark Splosh Lake All Large
Mbenga Rollin Forest, Lake Drench Summer Large
Piracuru Swoosh Fall, Farm(Night), Plash River(Night) Autumn
Crab Land FIshing Rod All Small
Clione Land FIshing Rod All Small
Tuna Land FIshing Rod All Large

Note: The more you fish at a certain location, the harder it will become to catch fish. To counteract this, you can use Groundbait. Groundbait can be found by fishing in Lake Drench or buying it directly from Sandy at Zazan Cape.

1st Year Tips

During Summer, you can fish Mbenga at the Rollin Forest’s Swamp. The place is hidden beyond the trees on the top right side screen of the screen. The Mbenga sells for around 2500 Gold and it’s an amazing source of income during the early game.

During Autumn, you can find Pirarucu at the Swosh fall. it sells for about 2000-6000 gold per fish depending on the star.

Cooking & Recipe List

Cooking happens in your kitchen which you can furnish after purchasing your first house expansion. Your kitchen includes a fridge that you can store all your food items in and easily use ingredients from when cooking. You don’t have to take the ingredients out of the fridge to use them. To expand on your cooking possibilities you can buy new cooking ware and recipes from Cafet in the restaurant. The recipes Cafet sells change with seasons.

Kitchen Items

  • Stew set – 9800g
  • Whisk – 2450g
  • Oven – 3850g
  • Cotton Swab – 2100g
  • Fry Pan – 6300g
Food  Ingredients Tool
butter milk whisk
mayonnaise egg – oil whisk
pudding milk – egg whisk
cheese fries flour – cheese – milk stew set
gratin napa cabbage – flour – cheese oven
baked yams yams oven
bread flour cotton swab
apple pie apple – flour – honey – butter oven
strawberry milk strawberry – milk whisk
udon spinach – flour – egg cotton swab
tempura pumpkin – eggplant – shiitake – egg – oil stew set
curry potato – onion – pumpkin – carrot – spice stew set
cookie flour – butter cotton swab
spring salad turnip – cabbage – cauliflower – mayonnaise
summer salad tomato – pineapple – bell pepper – corn – mayonnaise
autumn salad carrot – yam – eggplant – green pepper – mayonnaise
winter salad daikon – napa cabbage – broccoli – mayonnaise
sandwich cucumber – tomato – egg – bread
stew potato – cauliflower – pumpkin – milk stew set
sweet potato yam – milk – butter
french fries potato – oil stew set
stir-fry cabbage – carrot – onion – green pepper fry pan
fried cheese smelt fish – flour – cheese – butter – oil stew set
chikuzen-ni pea – carrot – broccoli – bamboo shoot – burdock stew set
pizza tomato – flour – cheese cotton swab
palbochae carrot – napa cabbage – bamboo shoot – shiitake fry pan
beccafico onion – tomato – sardine – cheese fry pan
terrine turnip – cabbage – carrot
oden potato – daikon – egg stew set
pot-au-feu tomato – carrot – broccoli stew set
ratatouille onion – tomato – eggplant – green pepper stew set
ajillo shiitake ( small ) – squid – wood ear – shiitake – octopus stew set
okonomiyaki cabbage – flour – egg – mayonnaise fry pan
chawamushi shiitake – matsutake – egg stew set
lasagne tomato – broccoli – flour – cheese oven
quiche potato – pumpkin – spinach – egg oven
buttered corn corn – butter fry pan
bag a cáuda cucumber – pumpkin – bell pepper – milk
green potage pea – onion – spinach whisk
namasu carrot – daikon
fruit punch strawberry – watermelon – melon – apple – orange
samosa potato – flour – oil stew set
caramel almond almond – butter – spice fry pan
fruit salad pineapple – apple – orange – yogurt
shortcake strawberry – flour – egg whisk
baked beans pea – tomato – carrot fry pan
pancake flour – butter – honey fry pan
walnut bread walnut – flour – butter cotton swab
dorayaki flour – bean paste
french onion soup onion – cheese – bread oven
cheesecake flour – cheese – milk oven
apple tart almond – apple – flour – butter oven
monkfish stew daikon – napa cabbage – monfish stew set
marinated tuna onion – tuna – oil
ebi chili onion – shrimp – spice fry pan
marlin stew potato – yam – marlin fish – oil fry pan
egg fooyung napa cabbage – crab – egg fry pan
simmered fish burdock – red snapper fish – ginger stew set
aloe yogurt aloe – yogurt – honey
pound cake apricot – almond – flour – egg – butter oven
seared bonito onion – arctic bonito fish – ginger
jellied eels corn – pea – eel stew set
tecchiri napa cabbage – puffer fish – shiitake ( small ) stew set
compote apricot – honey stew set
puffy egg soup horsetail – egg – royal fern fry pan
mugwort bread mugwort – flour – butter cotton swab
sole meunière olive flounder fish – flour – butter fry pan
nanbazuke large char fish – green pepper – onion fry pan
loach stew pound loach – burdock – onion – egg stew set
sashimi boat red snapper fish – salmon fish – arctic bonito fish – tuna – olive flounder fish
escabeche carrot – onion – t.s. filefish – yogurt fry pan
roasted fish cherry salmon fish – nameko oven
turtle stew turtle – shiitake ( small ) – shiitake stew set
glazed fish rainbow trout – ginger – honey stew set
conit sweetfish – cucumber – bell pepper – butter stew set
miso mackerel mackerel fish – ginger stew set
truffled egg truffle – egg fry pan
sauteed salad bell pepper – broccoli – beltfish – spice fry pan
fritter pond smelt fish – flour – oil – egg stew set
boiled carp carp fish – bamboo shoot – ginger – honey stew set
carpaccio salmon – tomato – oil
acqua pazza horse mackerel – squid – tomato – green pepper – oil stew set
poelé onion – bell pepper – sea bass stew set
amberjack daikon amberjack – daikon stew set
plum cucumber plum – cucumber
s. turtle stew mbenga fish – piranha fish – spice stew set
baked seafood frilled shark – monkfish – clione oven
l. fish steak piracuru fish – snakehead – onion – mayonnaise fry pan
mont blance chestnut – butter – milk – egg whisk

Foraging Guide

Plants List

Plants Locations Seasons
Shiitake Swoosh Falls
Mount Whistle
Bamboo Shoot Lumberjack Forest
Swoosh Falls
Horsetail Swoosh Falls Spring
Mugwort Plash River Spring
Royal Fern Swoosh Falls Spring
Weed Mount Whistle
Loquat (Fruits) Mouth Whistle Spring
Dandelion Rolin Forest Spring
Iris East Natura
Rolin Forest
Apricot Tree Swoosh Falls Summer
Ginger Swoosh Falls Summer
Almond Tree Plash River Summer
Hydrangea Rolin Forest Summer
Aloe Zazan Cape Sumer
Nameko Lumberjack Forest Fall
Matsutake Plash River Fall
Wood Ear Rolin Forest Fall
Orange Lumberjack Forest Winter

Trees & Woods List

Trees / Woods Locations Stamina Required
Soft Wood Lumberjack Forest (3)
Lake Drench (3)
Rolin Forest (2)
Plash River (2)
Swoosh Falls (2)
Normal Wood Lumberjack Forest (4)
Lake Drench (3)
Rolin Forest (2)
Plash River (1)
Hard Wood Lumberjack Forest (1)
Lake Drench (1)
Rolin Forest (2)
Plash River (3)

Bug List

Bug hunting is one of the ways of earning money in the game, as you don’t have to spend money on hunting and what you only need is a skill for it.

A list of all the bugs you can catch in Doraemon Story of Seasons.

Mole Cricket Lumberjack Forest, West Natura, Zazan Cape Spring
Colias Erate Lumberjack Forest, Farm, Lake Drench, Mount Whistle Spring
Cabbahe White Lumberjack Forest, Farm, Lake Drench, Mount Whistle, Plash River, Rollin Forest Spring
Honey Bee Plash River, Lake Drench, East Natura, Swoosh Falls, Rollin Forest Spring
Swallowtail Farm, Mount Whistle, Lake Drench, Spring Spring
C. Peacock East Natura, Swoosh Falls, Farm Spring
Long Locust Lake Drench, West Natura Spring
Spotted Locust Rollin Forest, West Natura, Lake Drench Spring
Asian Comma Farm, Lumberjack Forest, Rollin Forest Spring
C-7 Ladybug Lumberjack Forest, Farm, Plash River, Mount Whistle Spring
Yellow LadyBug East Natura Spring
Mantis West Natura, Lumberjack Forest, Rollin Forest, Lake Drench Summer
Migratory Locust West Natura, Lumberjack Forest, Lake Drench, Rollin Forest Summer
Rajah Brooke Rollin Forest, Lake Drench, Mount Whistle, Farm Summer
Firefly Lake Drench Summer Night
Lesser Emperor East Natura, Lumberjack Forest, Rollin Forest, Farm, Swoosh Falls, Plash River Summer
Jumbo Dragonfly East Natura, Farm, Lumberjack Forest, Plash River Summer
Blue Morpho Lumberjack Forest Summer
Luna Moth Swoosh Falls Summer
Brown Cicada Lumberjack Forest, Plash RIver, Rollin Forest, Lake Drench Summer
Dusk Cicada Plash River, Lake Drench Summer
Min-min Cicada East Natura, Lumberjack Forest, Lake Drench, Rollin Forest, Plash RIver Summer
Walker’s Cicada Rollin Forest, Swoosh Falls Summer
Rhino Beetle Swoosh Falls, East Natura, Rollin Forest Summer 6-8 AM
Horned Atlas Rollin Forest Summer 2-5 AM
Hercules Beetle Plash River Summer 6-8 AM
Cricket Lumberjack Forest, West Natura, Zazan Cape, Lake Drench Autumn
Blue Diadam Farm, Plash River, Rollin Forest Autumn
Idea Leuconoe Lake Drench, Farm, Rollin Forest, Plash River Autumn
Birdwing Farm, Plash River Autumn
Oak Silk Moth Swoosh Falls, Rollin Forest, Farm, East Natura, West Natura Autumn Night
Scarab Beetle Rollin Forest, East Natura, Lumberjack Forest Autumn
Jewel Beetle Lake Drench, Lumberjack Forest, Plash River, Swoosh Falls, East Natura, Rollin Forest Autumn
Roly-Poly Farm, West Natura, Zazan Cape, Mount Whistle, Rollin Forest All
Wharf Roach Zazan Beach All
Centipede Rollin Forest, Lumberjack Forest, East Natura All
Ant West Natura, East Natura, Rollin Forest, Zazan Cape, Lake Drench, Plash River All
Big Gt Stag East Natura, Rollin Forest, Zazan Beach Summer 6-8 AM
Saw Stag Swoosh Fall, East Natura, Plash River Summer 6-8 AM
Hirata Stag Swoosh Falls, Plash River Summer 6-8 AM
Miyami Stag Rollin Forest, Swoosh Falls Summer 6-8 AM
Grasshopper Swoosh Falls, Farm, Plas River, Lumberjack Forest, Mount Whistle Autumn
Bell Cricket Lake Drench, West Natura Autumn Night
Bridal Cricket Lake Drench, West Natura Autumn Night

Crops Guide

Every crops in Doraemon Story of Seasons.


Days to Harvest
Selling Price (★ 0.5)
Turnip 5 30 110 No
Potato 8 50 210 No
P. Daisy 8 40 170 No
Strawberry 15 150 240 Yes
Cabbage 13 90 410 No
Cucumber 9 80 120 Yes
Cauliflower 12 80 360 No
Peas 10 80 130 Yes
Campanula 11 70 320 No
Carnation 12 80 360 No


Days to Harvest
Selling Price (★ 0.5)
Daikon 4 20 90 No
Snowdrop 9 50 240 No
Napa Cabbage 12 80 360 No
Broccoli 8 60 90 Yes


Days to Harvest
Selling Price (★ 0.5)
Corn 14 140 220 Yes
Tomato 12 110 180 Yes
Sunflower 12 80 360 No
Onion 6 30 140 No
Pumpkin 4 20 90 No
Watermelon 7 40 170 Yes
Melon 18 140 660 Yes
Pineapple 13 100 Yes
Bell Pepper 10 80 130 Yes
Morning Glory 7 40 170 No
Lily 11 70 320 No
Hibiscus 7 40 170 No
Red Rose 9 50 240 No


Days to Harvest
Selling Price (★ 0.5)
Carrot 12 80 360 No
S. Potato Slip 5 40 60 Yes
Pink 8 50 210 No
Burdock 9 50 240 No
Spinach 5 30 110 No
Eggplant 11 70 320 No
Green Pepper 12 90 140 Yes
Gerbera 14 90 450 No

Note: Some of these crops are unlocked during the second year.

Gift List

Talking to the villagers every day and gifting them items will increase your relationship with them. This is important if you want to unlock Story Chapters, Gadgets and more.

Note: A lot of people leave their houses at 7 AM. The easiest way to talk to a bunch of them is to leave your farm from the north and start talking to people in West Natura.

Main Characters

Character Loves Likes
Doraemon Dorayaki Sunflower, Watermelon
Sue Baked Potato P.Daisy, Sweet Potato
Big G Curry Normal Wood, Migratory Locust
Sneech Marlin Stew Truffled Egg, Melon
Vera Compote Cabbage, Yogurt
Ryam Sashimi Boat Daikon, Matsutake

East Natura Villagers

Character Loves Likes
Smitty Lightly Roasted Bonito Copper Ore
Blake Ajillo Iron Ore, Cucumber
Gennie Carpaccio Wheat, Carnation
Mark Pot-au-feu Gratin, Cauliflower, Ant
Jemma Apple Tart Pudding, Carrots, P. Daisy
Regis Strange Food Stir-fry, Spices
Serena Shortcake Terrine, Shepherd’s purse, Aloe
Cafet Sandwich Bean Paste, Apple
Eria Spring Salad Sauteed salad, Lily, Wheat flour, Melon

West Natura Villagers

Character Loves Likes
Helen Walnut bread Caramel Almonds, Strawberry, Goldfish, Egg
Harmon Tempura Potato, Sunflower, Fodder
Henson Fritter Gratin, Horse Mackerel
Cooper Horned Atlas Strawbery Milk, Mantis, Mayonnaise, Honeybee
Taurus Plum, Milk
Aries Boiled Carp Peas, Iris, Palbochae
Rem Pudding Dandelion, Morning Glory, Chili Shrimps
Ravi Namasu Fertilizer, Burdock


Character Loves Likes
Pent Udon Royal Fern, Hard Wood
Sandy Marlin Firewood, Squid, Groundbait
Red Koroppokur Junk Apple Pie
Green Koroppokur Junk Green Potage
Blue Koroppokur Junk Fodder
Yellow Koroppokur Junk Meunier
Purple Koroppokur Junk Quiche
Bear Sake, Salmon Bamboo Shoot, Walnut, Beehive
Rabbit Carrot Dandelion, Cabbage
Squirrel Walnut Almond
Monkey Apple Yam

Fertilizer and Gro-Quik

Fertilizer can be obtained from the general store. When you apply it, you will see it on the crop. There is no indication to how much the quality is raised per use. You can’t raise a crop’s quality to full stars with fertilizer alone, and to perfect your crop you will need the Seed Maker from the blacksmith.

Gro-Quik Powder
Initially obtained from Doraemon, this can be used on a crop to speed up the growth rate. You can use more than one in a row, which will move the crop through all of the stages.

Note: there is a brief animation each time you use it on a crop.

Clinic & Medicine

Doctor Regis and his Clinic are here to keep everyone healthy and on their feet. If you accidentally overextend yourself and run out of stamina, you will wind up waking up at the clinic with some time lost. Regis also sells his ‘Regis Drink’ that will raise your stamina by 5 permanently, raising in price each time. ( There is reports of the price lowering if you wait? needs confirming, but I bought my first drink for 8,000g )The maximum stamina you can have is 150!

Enerdrink 200
Might make you feel better – or worse – depending on the day

Vigorade 1200
Drink this and you’ll be back to shape in no time!

Regis Drink 8000
Regis mixed this prototype drink to improve stamina. Better pinch your nose…

Animal meds 600
Meds for sick animals. Keep giving until they feel better.

Animal Companions

Throughout the game you will unlock different animals outside of your usual sheep and chicken, and gain the ability to build a friendship with them.

Unlocks fairly early in the game ( around 17th of spring ) when exploring Mount Whistle. You will get a cut scene with the dog, but to unlock it you need Super Gloves. The Super Gloves are among the gadgets possessed by Ryam, and to get them from him you need to grow and harvest three types of crops on your farm.

The cat is possibly unlocked by raising Doraemon’s friendship to three hearts. You will get a cutscene with Doraemon talking with the cat, and afterwards you get a mission to befriend the cat for him. The cat usually appears on your farm in the mornings, but sometimes wanders to the village.

The horse is unlocked by building the Horse Stable from the Lumberjack Shop.

The monkey is unlocked by raising your friendship with Sue to three hearts. Afterwards she will ask you to a picnic with her and you will come across some hungry monkeys in the forest.

The bear is unlocked by raising your friendship with Sneech to three hearts. You will then have to save him from a ‘bear attack’ and drive the bear away, but after the cutscene you can then find the bear from the nature around Plash River and befriend them.

The squirrel is possibly unlocked by raising your friendship with Big G to three hearts. You will unlock a cutscene in West Natura of the boys chasing the squirrel and you have a chance to save the critter from them. Afterwards you can meet the squirrel in the nature around the forest.

The rabbit you unlock by raising your friendship to three hearts with Vera. When you go visit her then at the Tree Roots you will find out that she has found a small rabbit that needs taking care of, and you can volunteer to help taking care of them as well.

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